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  • Baked Chicken Wings

    Baked chicken wings are so easy to make, quick and healthy.

  • Baked Yogurt

    Baked yogurt is an easy and delicious pudding-like dessert made with just 4 ingredients- hung curd, condensed milk, cream and any fruit and baked to perfection.

  • Indian Baked Samosa Pie

    Here's a healthy version of samosa for you. This baked samosa is made with all purpose flour, potatoes, onion and peas with seasoning like chilli powder, cumin powder, pepper etc. Try this guilt free recipe ...

  • Baked Corn With Popcorn Sauce

    About Baked Corn With Popcorn Sauce Recipe: Tantalising corn, baked to perfection and served with a creamy, foam sauce!

  • Baked Cheesy Potato And Leeks Soup

    About Baked Cheesy Potato And Leeks Soup Recipe: A hearty blend of baked potatoes, garlic and leeks combined with the flavours of butter, cheese and black pepper in vegetable stock.

  • Baked Gujiya

    About Baked Gujiya Recipe: Indulge in the festive spirit of Holi with this delicious recipe of Gujiya. Besides being a baked goodness, this gujiya boasts of nuts and dry fruits and make for an ideal ...

  • Valentine Love Maple Marinate Baked Salmon

    About Valentine Love Maple Marinate Baked Salmon Recipe: For all the seafood lovers, here's a simple salmon recipe packed with the flavours of garlic and pepper, baked to perfection!

  • Baked Wild Berry Cheesecake

    About Baked Wild Berry Cheesecake Recipe: A delectable dessert, cheesecake is a popular dish among the kids and adults alike and relished with much gusto. With several layers of decadent cream cheese, vanilla and sugar, ...

  • Baked Ragi Chakli

    About Baked Ragi Chakli Recipe: Chakli or Murukku is a tasty tea time snack that is prepared in South Indian homes. It is easy to make and too delicious to resist! The name murukku is ...

  • Baked Namakpara with Roasted Almond Dip

    About Baked Namakpara with Roasted Almond Dip Recipe: Healthy, tasty and the perfect tea time snack, this namak para recipe with a delicious almond dip is healthy to the core. Baked to perfection, namak para ...

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