Kitchen Hack: How to Remove Eggshells from A Cracked Egg

NDTV Food  |  Updated: November 22, 2017 11:29 IST

Kitchen Hack: How to Remove Eggshells from A Cracked Egg
Tap, crack and open. Cracking an egg is one of the simplest things to do in the kitchen and one you've probably been doing for years. But honestly, how many times have you had to pull out sharp and tiny eggshells from a bowl of eggs? Or worse, been served an omelet with traces of eggshells in it?

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Some people suggest you should use the edge of your bowl to crack the egg and that will help prevent the eggshells from slipping in, while others suggest you should use a fork or spoon to crack it open perfectly. No matter what the technique, it's down-right embarrassing to see eggshells floating in your eggs. To save you from the struggle of removing egg shells from a bowl of eggs, we've put together a smart kitchen hack. Watch and learn!

How to remove pesky eggshells from the bowl:

1. Dip your fingers in cold water.

2. Now remove the eggshells with your fingers.


3. Whisk away absolutely tension free.

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