What Does a Meal in the World's Best Restaurant Look Like?

 , NDTV  |  Updated: November 20, 2014 13:36 IST

What Does a Meal in the World's Best Restaurant Look Like?
Among others, a live lobster with its eyes clawing out and a crimson piece of beef stuffed with black ants await you at Noma.

"Ah, Yes. I'll have the Pea Tendril Salad with Caramelized Pork, Asparagus Tips, Zucchini Parmesan Crisps and toasted Chestnuts in a Melon Cilantro Vinaigrette." I can only assume this is how customers order their food at Noma, the world's best restaurant while buttering my half-burnt toast this morning. (The World's 50 Best Restaurants - 2014)

If you decide to eat at Noma, you need to book only three months in advance! The American rapper, Action Bronson saved us all the trouble by posting his 24 course meal at Noma on Instagram. Yes, you read that right - he had a whopping 24 course meal.

Ranked as the 'Best Restaurant in the World' by Restaurant Magazine in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014, the restaurant is partly responsible for the increase in tourism in Copenhagen and for making Denmark a gastronomic haven.

The restaurant name is made up of two Danish words 'Nordisk' (Nordic) and 'Mad' (food) and it's all about the interpretation and reinvention of Nordic food and produce. The food is best described as "mould-breaking Nordic food that takes nature's bounty to new levels" and the whole idea is to put forth locally sourced ingredients and to present them in a wild, natural way.

This is like your garden come alive - grasshoppers, ants and fresh flowers, who would have guessed.
Course One - Fresh Berries in Fresh Herbs

Course Two - Live Langoustine - Yes, it's Alive!

Course Three - Flower Tart

Course Four - Summer Peas with Chamomile

Course Five - Hay Smoked Quail Egg

Course Six - Tar Tar of Danish Beef with Celery and Black Ants

Course Seven - Sea Urchin with Hazelnuts

Course Eight - Caramelized Cabbage with Rose Petals and Greens

Course Nine - Shaved Cod Liver on Burnt Milk

Course Ten - Roasted Baby Cucumber with Ants and Scallop Fudge

Course Eleven - Savory Danish Donuts with Bitter Greens and Grasshopper

Course Twelve - BBQ Summer Onion

Course Thirteen - Danish Squid With Blackcurrant Sauce

Course Fourteen - Blackberries and Cherries in a Seaweed Broth with Cured Turbot Roe

Course Fifteen - Butternut Squash with Caviar from Finland

Course Sixteen - Roasted Lettuce Root with Various Wild Steamed Greens in a Lemon Verbena Sauce

Course Seventeen - New Potatoes with Rose Petals and Cured Egg Yolk

Course Eighteen - Roasted Bone Marrow

Course Nineteen - Pickled Squash

Course Twenty - Dessert: Rhubarb Rose with Creme Fraiche in Apple Broth

Course Twenty One - Raspberries in a Rye Cream

Course Twenty Two
- Dessert: Chocolate Covered Fermented Mushroom

Course Twenty Three - Dessert: Eggnog with Marinated Cherries

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Course Twenty Four - Dessert: Chocolate Covered Pork Rind with Berries


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