World Egg Day 2017: Amazing Omelets From All Across the World

   |  Updated: October 13, 2017 16:33 IST

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World Egg Day 2017: Amazing Omelets From All Across the World
  • Eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients
  • eggs are touted as one of the best sources of quality protein
  • The love for a perfectly cooked, fluffy omelet is universal
One of the most widely consumed and loved ingredients around the world, eggs are so versatile that you would not think twice before incorporating these in any meal of the day. Loaded with a host of nutrients, eggs are touted as one of the best sources of quality protein. Perhaps the most interesting thing about eggs, especially for those who like to cook or experiment with food, is the fact that eggs can go from a basic ingredient, used  in a simple dish, to being an exquisite preparation. The love for a perfectly cooked, fluffy omelet is universal. The simple practice of flipping an omelet, hot and perfect, features in most cultures all across the globe. With the shift in geography, indigenous ingredients come into play and the practice changes slightly to render a distinct character and a local flavour to the omelet served.

This World Egg Day, we celebrate the might of the humble omelet and how various parts of the world cook it up differently.

Khai Chiao

The Thai Fried Omelet is prepared by beating eggs with a little bit of fish sauce, deep fried and served with steamed rice. Another version is where the plain omelet is served with stir fried meat, it is known as Khai Chiao Songkhrueang. The delicacy is served with some hot Sriracha sauce.


The Japanese version has ingredients like bonito flakes, soy sauce, mirin and sugar. The mixture is then used to fry thin layers of omelet that are finally rolled together to form a fluffy, omelet roll. This is finally cut into pieces and served. Omurice is another omelet-like delicacy stuffed with rice and served with fresh tomato ketchup.


The Italian omelet can contain anything from cheese, veggies to even pasta. Ingredients are blended well with beaten eggs, poured over hot butter or oil and cooked slowly. Get the recipe here.

Hangtown Fry

This American delicacy packs together omelet with oysters and bacon. Oysters are dipped in flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs and fried. Once golden brown, the leftover beaten eggs mix is added to the same pan; bacon is added along with seasonings and herbs.


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Iranian omelets

Iran cooks up a range of egg delicacies resembling an omelet. Nargesi is cooked with spinach and fried onions, while Khagineh resembles an omelet that is more like a sweet pancake. Baghala Ghatogh is cooked like an omelet and is loaded with dill, fava beans, spices and herbs.

Masala omelet

The Indian version is best loved and widely relished by egg lovers all across the country. Masala omelet is a celebration of India's exhaustive variety of spices and its coming together with one of the most versatile cooking ingredients of all - eggs. Easy to cook and absolutely sensational on the palate, masala omelet is an absolute delight. Get the recipe here.

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