Post Mid-Night Hunger Pangs? Here's a Solution!

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Post Mid-Night Hunger Pangs? Here's a Solution!
Imagine this.
You're coming home after a party (or after slogging it at work).
Stomach: "Oh man, I am empty. FEED ME!'
Fridge: "HA! Wrong door."
Kitchen storage: "Double HA! Your mom's filled this with not-so-ready to eat meals."
Stomach: "NOOOOOO"

This is the story of my life or should I say OUR lives. Happens with you too?
Worry not. These places are here to the rescue.

Batman Delivers
For the night animals

Times have changed. People previously used to sleep by 10-11 pm. Not anymore. These days, they are either working through the night or are awake watching movies, TV shows or partying. Since they are up at odd hours, they often need things from shops much after they close -- things like a midnight snack, beverages, party items, medical essentials and more. Batman Delivers provides all this to them, and in 40 minutes of the order being made.

Bestseller: Butter chicken, kathi roll and biryani.
Contact: 0124-6543210, 09910099925
Delivery area: Gurgaon

Mid Night Munchies
Eat. All night.

South Delhi got its first mid-night food delivery portal when Arjun Sethi, owner, quit the monotonous corporate life. Mid-night munchies started out in 2012 and is slowly but surely expanding. They even plan on expanding their services around India. On their menu are some interesting munchies like nutella banana handpies, oreo & milk chocolate handpies (YUM!) and jalapeno popper sandwich!

Bestseller: Chicken bomber sandwich
Contact: 8882223456
Delivery areas: Selected areas in south Delhi
Timings: 11:30 pm - 4:00 am

Fly By Knight
Late-Night Delivery Service

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Owner Neha Jain walked a few miles in a customer's shoes before deciding on the menu for fly by knight (FBK). This company came into action in May 2012 and serve something as common as mineral water to a glass of freshly squeezed juice. FBK is not just a food delivery service, they also deliver daily essentials like sanitary pads; contraceptives and other packed goodies (Always on MRP, mind you). Psst..I love the fact that a girl is managing a late-night delivery service. Breaking stereotypes, are we?

Bestseller: Brownies, Pav bhaji
Contact: 9930067337
Delivery areas: All across Mumbai (Sans Navi Mumbai)
Timings: 11:00 pm - 4:00 am

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