5 Bihari Chicken Recipes That'll Make You Forget Litti Chokha

Dec 11, 2023 18:57 IST
India, the land of diverse flavours, boasts an array of regional delicacies. When Bihar is mentioned, Litti Chokha undoubtedly steals the spotlight. However, this state has more culinary gems beyond the iconic dish-from Ghughni and Dal Pitha to Malpua. And guess what? Bihari gastronomy isn't just about vegetarian fare; it has a plethora of options that'll tantalize the taste buds of non-veg enthusiasts!
  • Bihari Chicken Rumali Roll

    Craving a quick and flavorful snack? The Bihari Chicken Rumali Roll is your answer. Bursting with Bihari spices, herbs, and butter, this roll showcases the exquisite flavour of smoky chicken. Perfect for those evening hunger pangs! Click here for recipe
  • Litti Chicken

    Sure, you've savoured Litti Chokha, but have you tried the game-changing Litti Chicken? This dish takes the familiar Litti and fries it on a pan with delectable chicken curry. An extraordinary combination for those seeking a taste of adventure! Click here for recipe
  • Bihari Kebab

    Kebabs, the eternal party charmers! Elevate your snack game with the exquisite Bihari Kebab. Imagine juicy chicken pieces marinated in flavorful curd and poppy seed paste, then barbecued to golden deliciousness. A surefire way to dazzle your taste buds! Click here for recipe
  • Chicken Bihari Boti

    Calling all chicken aficionados! Chicken Bihari Boti is a culinary masterpiece that demands a spot on your must-try list. Picture this: succulent chicken boti marinated in raw papaya, yogurt, and aromatic spices, then grilled to smoky perfection. Pure bliss! Click here for recipe
  • Bihari Style Chicken Curry:

    If you thought you've tried every chicken curry, think again! The Bihari Style Chicken Curry is a game-changer, ready in minutes and ideal for a hearty dinner. Packed with potatoes and chicken, the medley of spices makes it a match made in culinary heaven when paired with roti. Click here for recipe
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