5 Low-Cal Chaat Recipes You Must Try

Chaat is one of those things that we all love to have. Here we bring you some yummy and healthy chaat recipes.
  • 5 Low-Cal Chaat Recipes You Must Try

    India's love with chaat is well known. However, eating greasy and heavy chaats every other day might be detrimental to one's health, particularly for those trying to lose weight. In light of this, we present five low-calorie chaat recipes that are excellent additions to your diet plan.
  • Shakarkandi Chaat

    Click here for recipe Every part of the country has a plethora of stands selling the well-known shakarkandi ki chaat. Even nutritionists advise adding sweet potatoes, or shakarkandi, to your diet as a food that promotes weight loss. So, do have this recipe!
  • Sprouts Chaat

    Click here for recipe Nothing beats a bowl of sprouts chaat if you want to satisfy your hunger for zesty taste without sacrificing your health. Sprouted lentils, beans, and a few drops of lemon juice make this healthful snack.
  • Makhana Chaat

    Click here for recipe This quick and simple bhel dish, which features makhana as the main ingredient, is acidic, sweet, and absolutely wonderful. All you need to do to make this is combine the peanuts, makhane, potatoes, green chilies, and seasonings.
  • Poha Chaat

    Click here for recipe This quick poha chaat dish is a game changer. You only need to combine thin poha with the right amount of spices and the vegetables of your choice to make delicious poha chaat.
  • Tandoori Chaat

    Click here for recipe This recipe for tandoori chaat is flavourful, smoky, and aromatic and is sure to tempt your palate. This recipe combines taste and health by using ingredients like pineapple, sweet potato, and other nutrient-rich foods.
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