6 Delicious Egg Curry Recipes From Across India

Love egg curry? Try these 6 delicious varieties from across India. Take a look.
  • 6 Delicious Egg Curry Recipes From Across India

    Indian food is all about delicious and rich gravies that are full of lip-smacking flavours. One of the most popular gravy-based dishes across India is egg curry. Boiled or fried eggs, dunked in rich, aromatic gravy, these curries are quick to make and even more delicious to have. And the best part is you get variety of egg curry recipes in different Indian regions. So, next time when you're confused with what to cook, prepare a delicious egg curry from this list.
  • Goan Egg Curry

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    While Goa is known for delicious seafood, it also has a delicious egg curry recipe to offer. The Goan egg curry is prepared in local spices and fills your kitchen with aroma in no time. Tossed in tangy tomato gravy, this dish is worth savouring.
  • Dim-er Kosha

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    This Bengali style egg curry is similar to the delicious mango kosha. But in this dish Eggs, are boiled and fried and smeared in thick gravy made with onion, tomato, ginger-garlic and spices. This is best paired with Basanti pulao.
  • Palak Egg

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    Want to have something delicious and healthy? Then make this yummy palak egg curry which is full of the goodness of palak curry and fried eggs.
  • Bagara Egg Masala

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    This Hyderabadi speciality is surely going to be a new addition to your egg recipe. If you love having spicy food, then make bagara egg masala as it is slow-cooked in gravy and is full of spices and herbs that will tantalize your taste-buds.
  • Chettinad Egg Curry

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    If you've had Chettinad chicken, you'll be slurping over this egg dish. This South Indian delicacy is a hard-boiled egg cooked in Chettinad-style masala. This dish will surely make you drool.
  • Malvani Egg Curry

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    Malvani food is a traditional cuisine of India's South Konkan region, combining Goan and Maharashtrian cooking styles. Each dish in this cuisine makes extensive use of herbs and spices, such as Malvani egg curry.
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