These 5 Yummy Starter Recipes Will Satisfy Your Hunger

Looking for some quick and easy recipes? Try out these yummy starters!
  • These 5 Yummy Starter Recipes Will Satisfy Your Hunger

    If you've been eating the same kind of food every day, we are sure you're yearning for something different. After all, every once in a while, we want a break from that regular dal, roti and sabzi. So, if you also want to give your meals a delicious twist, here we bring you some yummy starter recipes to try.
  • Potato Cheese Balls

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    Any cheese-based dish's name is enough to make us salivate. People of all ages would enjoy this cheesy and crunchy recipe. If desired, you can also add some chopped vegetables and serve them with a mint garlic dip.
  • Paneer 65

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    We're all familiar with the flaming hot chicken 65 masala, but this paneer 65 recipe is a delicious vegetarian alternative! The trick to preparing paneer 65 masala is to use simple spices and mix them in!
  • Soya Manchurian

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    Do you want to give the regular manchurian a new taste? We've prepared a dish that will satisfy your Indo-Chinese gastronomic cravings. It's not only delicious, but it's also highly healthy, thanks to the soya chunks.
  • Corn Palak Tikki

    Tikki is one of those street delicacies that appeals to a diverse range of people. But now is the time to put a new twist on it. We've got a corn and spinach tikki meal here that's perfect for surprising guests or when you want to try something new!
  • Bread Pizza

    Bread pizza, or a small pizza as it's often known, is the perfect quick fix if you don't want to deal with kneading and resting pizza dough. This quick and easy meal will fulfil your hunger
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