World Cocktail Day 2022: Celebrate With These 5 Summer Cocktail Recipes

May 13, 2022 09:13 IST
World Cocktail Day 2022 is here and its time to amp up your parties with these delicious cocktail recipes!
  • World Cocktail Day 2022: Celebrate With These 5 Summer Cocktail Recipes

    Are you hosting a party at your home? Well, then you must have decided upon the main course and snacks! But what about the drinks? It's the summer season, and drinks are a must! Plus, since it is a party, we have to bring our best game forward and leave our guests spellbound. So, for the same, here we bring you some easy to make cocktail recipes! These cocktail recipes are all things delicious, and you would surely enjoy making them. Check out the recipes below:
  • Bloody Mary

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    To make a cocktail, combine tomato juice and vodka. Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, and lemon juice give the cocktail its fiery undertones.
  • Margarita

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    One of the most popular drinks of all time is the Margarita with the salted rim. Tequila, lime, and sugar are mixed together to make this all-time favourite drink.
  • Mojito

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    All you need is white rum, sugar syrup, soda with a hint of lime, and mint to fight the heat with this simple recipe for the traditional cocktail.
  • Long Island Ice Tea

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    This alcoholic cocktail will save the day when a bottle of wine becomes too heavy in the summer. It's potent, though, because it's made with a mix of four liquors: gin, tequila, vodka, and rum.
  • Cosmopolitan

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    In a martini glass, combine vodka and cranberry juice, along with a lemon wedge and an orange slice. And your delicious pink glass is ready to be relished!
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