Desi Ghee Recipe

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Desi Ghee
How to make Desi Ghee
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  • Difficulty Level: Easy

Home-made ghee is pure, healthy and delicious. Use this easy recipe to master the art of making desi ghee.

Ingredients of Desi Ghee

  • 2 litres cow's milk

How to Make Desi Ghee

  • 1.Bring milk to boil, leave it to cool for 4-5 hours.
  • 2.This forms a thick layer of cream (malai) over the top, remove this layer and keep aside. The milk can be then used as skimmed milk for any purpose.
  • 3.Keep collecting the layered cream for 5-6 days. Refrigerate the cream collected everyday.
  • 4.For extracting ghee take the cream collected over a period, add double the quantity of water, mix and whip till a froth floats on top.
  • 5.Separate the froth and heat it on low flame in a thick bottom saucepan till the fat separates into clarified ghee, strain and store for use.