Seafood Rock Filler Recipe

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Seafood Rock Filler
How to make Seafood Rock filler
  • Chef: Gopal Jha - Grand Mercure Bangalore
  • Recipe Servings: 2
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Total Cook Time:

About Seafood Rock Filler Recipe: A delicious dish to savour on in breakfast! This recipe is a healthy amalgamation of seafood, mornay sauce and assorted herbs. A plate full of taste and health right in your kitchen!

Ingredients of Seafood Rock Filler

  • Baked tart of mixed sea food served with phyllo fruit bowl
  • 1 Savory tart shell (semi baked)
  • 75 Gram Mixed sea food
  • 50 Gram Mornay sauce
  • Assorted herb and seasoning
  • 1 sheet Phyllo pastry
  • 100 Gram Assorted seasonal fruit

How to Make Seafood Rock Filler

  • 1.Mix assorted sea food with mornay sauce and assorted herbs.
  • 2.Pour it inside a semi baked savory shell and bake till it gets a golden colour from all side, serve it hot with phyllo cup fruit basket.
Key Ingredients: Baked tart of mixed sea food served with phyllo fruit bowl, Savory tart shell (semi baked), Mixed sea food, Mornay sauce, Assorted herb and seasoning, Phyllo pastry, Assorted seasonal fruit

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