Beetroot Hummus

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  • beetroot hummus hindi

    चुकंदर हुम्मुस क्यों इतना पसंद किया जाता है? पार्टी हो या त्योहार, यह गुलाबी रंग का हुम्मुस ताज़ा हर्बस और खट्टा स्वाद देकर तैयार किया जाता है। स्नैक्स

  • Beetroot Hummus

    What makes beetroot hummus an absolute favourite in parties is the bright and peppy pink colour, besides the lip-smacking flavour of course. Top it with fresh herbs for some zing.

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  • Jack Monroe's Beetroot Hummus With Flatbread Recipe

    Pink hummus is perfect for parties, and homemade flatbreads beat packets of pitta every timeI first made this hummus for a fourth birthday party. As much as I rail against gender norms in most aspects ...