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  • The rise of the craft beer shop

    Such is Britain's growing thirst for craft beer, that a once endangered species - the specialist off-licence - is enjoying something of a revival. But where should you buy your beer?Love it or hate it, ...

  • Craft Beer is the New Healthy Alternative Drink In India

    With health conscious people on the rise, there's good news for beer patrons who can now raise a toast to a variety of the brew said to be natural, better in quality, authentic and sans ...

  • Beer: Craft Beer Goes Mainstream

    The supermarkets and big high-street retailers are moving in on the craft beer market in a big way shop around, and you can pick up some real finds.

  • Attention passengers, craft beer will now be served in-flight

    As the U.S. airline industry works to improve its food and beverage options, a new trend has emerged -- airlines adding craft beers to their in-flight offerings. The assumption is that as more drinkers switch ...

  • The Craft Beer Revolution: How Hops Got Hip

    Creative young brewers and radical flavours have made people excited about beer again. But does craft beer live up to the hype - and will it change Britain's pint-swilling culture?Brewer Jamie Hancock is having a ...

  • Iraq War Veterans Brew 'Jet Noise' and 'Pineapple Grenade' Beers

    Two Iraq war veterans eager to slake the growing American thirst for craft beers are setting up a brewery about a mile from a Navy jet base in Virginia Beach. Their beers have words like ...

  • Mango Lager? India's Thirst for Craft Beer Grows

    India's version of craft brewing is seeing scores of thirsty tipplers sample everything from coconut stout to mango lager, as tastes mature in a country that has traditionally only downed strong liquor.

  • Top 10 Craft Beer Bars in Budapest

    Already known for its lively nightlife, the Hungarian capital is also experiencing a boom of new microbreweries and specialist ale producers which are celebrated at Fzdefeszt, a beer and street food festival that runs ...

  • Heineken Buys Into US Craft Beer Brewer

    Heineken announced the acquisition of a 50 percent shareholding in Lagunitas Brewing Company, the fifth-largest craft brewer in the United States by volume.

  • Top 10 Craft Beer Pubs in Cambridge, UK

    Cambridge has history, green spaces and impressive architecture to spare, but how far has the craft beer revolution penetrated its quads and cloisters?

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