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  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Sugar on Top | Felicity Cloake
    Readers' Recipe Swap: Sugar on Top | Felicity Cloake

    Felicity Cloake tries your sugar-topped recipes, including rose petal shortbread and a fig and quince loaf.An irresistible theme - and, once I'd got over the disappointment at not having an excuse to make a creme ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Ripe
    Readers' Recipe Swap: Ripe

    Vegetable surpluses, hedgerow fruit feasts - autumn really is coming... we share your ripest recipes• The next theme will be SHAREABLE recipes. Send us your ideas!Harvest season is upon us: green-fingered friends are calling with ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Crumbles
    Readers' Recipe Swap: Crumbles

    This week Felicity Cloake referees a no-ingredients-barred crumble rumble. The oven mitts are off - and there can be only one winner.Few dishes are closer to my heart than crumble, but it's always tempting to ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Mayonnaise | Eve'O'Sullivan
    Readers' Recipe Swap: Mayonnaise | Eve'O'Sullivan

    Your offbeat alternatives to the staple condiment, the definitive potato salad and a Russian classicThe quantity of eggs and oil I've consumed in the name of Reader's Recipe Swap this week has been quite obscene. ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Seeds | Eve O'Sullivan
    Readers' Recipe Swap: Seeds | Eve O'Sullivan

    Your ideas for sesame, peanut and pumpkin recipes have this swap sewn up.This week's theme has produced a mixed bag. While healthy recipes have pervaded, it's hardly been bird food. I've tried everything from fragrant ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Easter
    Readers' Recipe Swap: Easter

    Felicity Cloake puts six far-flung recipes through their paces. Chocolate wins.Easter always means roast lamb, simnel cake and chocolate for me - a trio of seasonal treats ably represented here, along with a couple of ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Under 500 kcal
    Readers' Recipe Swap: Under 500 kcal

    Felicity Cloake (who is on the 5:2 diet) tests readers' slimline recipes.Sad though I am to admit it, the best job in the world has forced me to give the modish fast - or 5:2 ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Roast
    Readers' Recipe Swap: Roast

    Felicity Cloake puts your oven-baked recipes to the test.Cook readers never fail to surprise: I expected a volley of roast lamb and ribs of beef this week, but instead I found myself cooking Portuguese sea ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Barbecue
    Readers' Recipe Swap: Barbecue

    Felicity Cloake fires up the barbecue to test your recipes for sizzling over hot coals.Thank goodness the weather held long enough to test your barbecue recipes. Even if it had rained, all these recipes (minus ...

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Poached
    Readers' Recipe Swap: Poached

    Your savvy simmered recipes reveal the supple side of meat and fish.Lots of mouthwatering poached egg pictures were submitted this week, but the recipes were rather more ambitious. Far Eastern cooks know that slow simmering ...

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