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  • Tiffin by Sonal Ved: An Appetising Blend of Regional Indian Recipes
    Tiffin by Sonal Ved: An Appetising Blend of Regional Indian Recipes

    The book starts with a foreword by Chef Floyd Cardoz who has championed the cause of regional Indian cuisine over the years. Other sections include a Glossary on spices, fruits and vegetables, lentils and other ...

  • Cuisine Capers
    Cuisine Capers

    Innovative garnishes, bite-sized desserts and traditional flavours will rule the roost in the culinary world, finds Sonal Ved.Mumbai is slowly turning into a city of gourmands and in a bid to ensure that diners keep ...

  • Who's the Prettiest of Them All?
    Who's the Prettiest of Them All?

    Sonal Ved takes the dull-looking jackfruit, Romanesco broccoli, white asparagus, lotus root and rambutan to city chefs, who transform them into pretty culinary delights. Now, there's need to dole out stepchild treatment to these ugly-looking ...

  • Not Just About the 'Aloo Patty'
    Not Just About the 'Aloo Patty'

    Aloo patty in a vegetarian burger is no longer the dead end in the menu. Sonal Ved trails the city to find the best veg burger options such as rajma, hummus and sticky rice fillings.The ...

  • Incredible Cups
    Incredible Cups

    After a scrumptious meal, instead of leaving the dishes behind, simply eat up the evidence. Sonal Ved digs out four places that are serving foods that come brimming in edible containers.They say you cannot eat ...

  • Dosa-Avatar

    Plato once said art is an imitation of an imitation. Sonal Ved finds a common link between crepes in France, injera in Ethopia, pancakes in America, blinis in Russia and dosas in India.Food historians have ...

  • Pizzas go on a Diet
    Pizzas go on a Diet

    Crispy thin-crust pizzas smeared with fragrant sauces and chewy cheeses are popping up in menus across town. Bye bye, deep pans. Sonal Ved digs into five versions of this fad and rates the pizzas on ...

  • Foods to Warm Your Winter
    Foods to Warm Your Winter

    Mumbaiites might not have the chills, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying the season's delicacies? Sonal Ved serves dishes cooked north, south, east, north east and west of India, amid dropping temperatures, shawls, and ...

  • Puff Goes the Souffle
    Puff Goes the Souffle

    Nothing fits Mumbai's touch-and-go winter better than a mug full of light and warm souffle. Sonal Ved rounds up this season's 'it' preparation.In the Western countries, Christmas marks the beginning of the souffle season. Once ...

  • Berry Healthy
    Berry Healthy

    If you thought all things strawberry demand you give up counting calories, this wintry season is different. Sonal Ved churns out diet recipes that will make you eat your strawberry with a nutritious twistAll good ...

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