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Tips to Cook Quick Dinner

IANS, Los Angeles, Modified: May 23, 2014 13:34 IST

Tips to Cook Quick Dinner After a long day, it becomes difficult for most of us to enter the kitchen and prepare dinner. You can shorten the duration of cooking by organising things in the kitchen, stocking up essential cooking items and more. has a few tips that are quick and easy:

- Chop vegetables ahead of time: It's best to do things in advance especially when you are staring at a busy week. Take vegetables in abundance and chop them once a week (instead of daily) and store them in the fridge.

- Reach for baking mixes: Use mixes that are readily available on the market instead of baking from scratch. You can give a personal touch by adding something like fresh fruit, citrus zest or nuts.

- Stock necessary basics:
Be it salt, pepper, flour, sugar or oil, stock up to make things smoother.

- Stay organised: Keep all your tools used to prepare meal in an organised way. This will also make you enjoy the cooking experience more.

- Make enough for leftovers:
If you are preparing something delicious and special, increase the portion. Store it and later reheat whenever you wish to eat again.

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