Dan Dan Noodles Recipe

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Dan Dan Noodles
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Dan Dan Noodles are Sichuan's archetypal street snack, named for the bamboo pole that the vendors used to transport the snack. Although Dan Dan Noodles usually involve a splutter of pork mince, this recipe is vegetarian.

Ingredients of Dan Dan Noodles

  • 500g wheat noodles
  • 250g cabbage
  • 100ml soy sauce
  • 50g Chinese sesame paste
  • 25ml sesame oil
  • 50g peanut oil
  • 25g spring onions
  • 50g bean sprouts
  • 75ml chilli oil with chilli sediment

How to Make Dan Dan Noodles

  1. First, set the noodles to cook in boiling water, until tender but not soft. Then add the cabbage just enough to let it wilt a little - a few seconds. Remove and place aside. Meanwhile, thin the sesame paste with the sesame oil. Julienne the scallions and bean sprouts.
  2. Place the condiments at the bottom of the bowl, then heap the nest of noodles and vegetables on top. Season, stir it all up and eat.
Key Ingredients: noodles, sesame, peanut oil, bean sprouts, chilli oil, cabbage, soy sauce