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Paneer Besan Chilla with Garlic Pickle and Khuska Rice


Paneer Besan Chilla with Garlic Pickle and Khuska Rice

Paneer Besan Chilla with Garlic Pickle and Khuska Rice



Recipe Cook Time


Rolled up paneer-chickpea crepe, dipped with green chilli coconut sauce, served with garlic pickle and khuska rice.


  • For Paneer Besan Chilla:

    200 gm paneer

    500 gm besan

    100 gm onion, finely chopped

    100 gm tomato, finely chopped

    20 gm green chillies, chopped

    30 gm green coriander, chopped

    20 gm ginger, finely chopped

    20 gm red chilli powder

    10 gm turmeric powder

    A pinch of asafoetida (hing)

    Salt to taste

    100 ml oil

    For Chilla Gravy:

    30 gm cashew nut

    20 gm fennel seed

    20 gm roasted chana dal

    10 gm green chilli

    10 gm garlic, peeled

    10 gm fresh ginger

    200 gm grated coconut

    250 gms ghee

    2 bay leaves

    10 gm cinnamon

    10 gms green cardamom

    50 gms green coriander

    For Tempering:

    Few curry leaves

    5 gm mustard seed

    5 gm urad dal dhuli

    5 gm channa dal

    5 gm whole red chilli

    10 gm ginger

    10 gm garlic

    For Garlic Pickle:

    30 gm garlic, peeled

    5 gmpanch phoran

    50 ml mustard oil

    5 gm turmeric

    10 gm red chilli

    50 gm jaggery

    For Laung Khuska Chawal:

    500 gm rice

    15 cloves

    500 ml milk

    Salt to taste

    100 gm ghee


For paneer chilla:

Take a large mixing bowl. Add besan, salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and asafoetida. Mix well.

Make a smooth and thick batter by adding appropriate amount of water.

Mix well with a spatula and take care that no lumps are formed.

Add rest of the ingredients, mix well and leave for 10 minutes.

Heat a non stick pan, grease it with oil on medium fire, pour some batter, spread it, cook till golden on both sides, roll it when done and keep aside.

Make more rolls using the same method.

For gravy:

Make a smooth paste of cashew nut, fennel seed and roasted channa dal.

Make paste of green chillies, coconut, ginger and garlic, keep aside.

Put oil in pan, add bay leaf, cinnamon and cardamom. Stir it for a while, then add green chilli and onion, saute it till it gets soft. Add spice paste and cook it for some time.

Add water and cook it, then strain it for smoothness.

Put rolled besan chilla in curry to absorb the flavor and sauce.

For Garlic Pickle:

Heat oil, add panch phoran and chopped garlic.

Add turmeric and red chilli.

Mix into tamarind pulp and jaggery.

Cool and serve.

For laung khuska Rice:

Soak rice for 20 minutes.

Add ghee to a handi and heat it.

Add cloves to the heated ghee and let it crackle.

Add milk and water in 1:2 proportion and let it boil.

Add rice and salt.

After sometime put it on dum on slow flame for 15-20 minutes.
(Dum cooking refers to slow cooking on a low heat in a Handi. The lid is sealed with a mixture of flour and water)


Open the chilla rolls from the foil covering, cut into slices put on plate.

Pour gravy over the Chilla rolls and serve with Laung Khuska Rice and garlic pickle on the side.

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Key Ingredients: Cottage Cheese, gram flour, onion, tomato, green chillies, coriander leaves, ginger, red chilli, turmeric, asafoetida, salt, vegetable oil, cashew nuts, fennel, bengal gram (split), garlic, desiccated coconut, clarified butter, bay leaf, cinnamon, green c