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Pork Plum Rolls

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Pork Plum Rolls

Pork Plum Rolls


:Nikhil & Natasha

Recipe Servings


Recipe Cook Time

:30 Minutes

Pork fillets smothered with an aromatic plum sauce, rolled in cling film and steamed. These make for a delicious appetizer.


  • For the pork:

    2 Fillet of pork, wrapped in cling film (Flatten it out with the back of a pan)

    Scallions / spring onions, chopped diagonally, to garnish

    Salt, to taste

    Pepper, to taste

    Soy sauce, to drizzle

    For the plum sauce:

    3 plums, pitted and diced

    1 tsp olive oil

    1 star anise

    2 cloves

    1 Tbsp Thai ginger

    2 Tbsp water

    1 Tbsp brown sugar


For the plum sauce:

In a pan add some oil, star anise and cloves.

Add the plums, little water and brown sugar.

Cook till the plums are squished and start forming a sauce like consistency.

For the pork:

Take the fillets and spread the plum sauce on it generously.

Roll the fillet like a sausage in a cling film.

Steam for about 15 minutes or till the pork is cooked.

Take them out and cut it into half. Remove the cling film and secure the roll with a toothpick.

Plating up:

On a platter scatter finely cut scallions.

Place the pork plum rolls.

Sprinkle salt, pepper and some soy sauce.

Top with a small blob of plum sauce.


Key Ingredients: Pork, spring onions, salt, pepper, soy sauce, plum, olive oil, star anise, cloves, ginger, water, brown sugar

Tags: Meat, Plums, Pork