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'Pizzas' - 3 Recipe Result(s)

  • Meat Pizza

    An Italian favorite, pizza flat bread or base topped with a cheee, chillies, onion, garlic sauce and chunks of chicken.

  • Mini Mushroom Pizza

    Mini pizzas topped with mushrooms, corn and cheese.

  • Scone Pizza

    Create pizza from scratch, make the dough, spread the toppings and bake!

'Pizzas' - 25 Article Result(s)

  • Pizzas go on a Diet

    Crispy thin-crust pizzas smeared with fragrant sauces and chewy cheeses are popping up in menus across town. Bye bye, deep pans. Sonal Ved digs into five versions of this fad and rates the pizzas on ...

  • Rocky and Mayur and Their Top Favourite Restaurants

    At NDTV Food, Rocky and Mayur explore the length and breadth of the country to serve you nothing but the best.

  • Pizzas Contain Three Times the Daily Recommended Limit of Salt!

    Study of 1,267 types of pizza finds that half contained more than 6g of salt, an adult's recommended daily allowance.Some takeaway and prepared pizzas contain almost three times an adult's recommended daily intake of salt, ...

  • Breaking Bad Creator Wants Fans to Stop Throwing Pizzas on Roof

    The real-life house portrayed as the home of Walter White on "Breaking Bad" is being bombarded with pizzas, thrown on its roof by pranksters hoping to recreate an iconic scene from the hit television series.

  • Job Well Done: Pilot Orders Pizzas to Calm Angry Passengers on a Delayed Flight

    Talk about being a hero. A Delta Airlines pilot ordered pizzas to calm angry passengers when the airline's plane bound for Atlanta from Philadelphia was diverted to Knoxville, Tennessee because of storms.

  • Kitchen Hack: How To Reheat Pizza Without Making it Soggy or Dry

    So simple, so speedy: The best way to heat-up leftover pizza from the night before in just 60 seconds! Watch this super smart kitchen hack.

  • The Pizza Revolution: the Staples From Naples

    Bye-bye pineapple and hotdog crusts. Indie restaurants and mini chains now serve the authentic Neapolitan deal with sourdough bases, Italian tomatoes and fresh authentic ingredients.• Below, our testers try eight of the best pizzeriasThere's a ...

  • At Sea...

    So I went to eat lunch at what has become over the last few years, quite a favourite of mine. Amici, for light and uncomplicated Italian food, with prices that are more café-like. The eggplant ...

  • Chunk of Cheese

    Cheese! Glorious cheese! Think cheese and you can imagine cheese with crackers, melted cheese on pizzas, boiled vegetables with layers of cheese, a ham and cheese sandwich - the possibilities are endless. Cheese is the ...

  • Welcome to the World's First Pizza Museum

    Pizza Brain in Philadelphia doesn't only sell a range of pizzas - it also houses the world's first museum of all things pizza, showcasing memorabilia from vintage posters to action figures.On a quiet, unremarkable Philadelphia ...