Soya Keema

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  • Soya Murtabak With Tomato-Lemon Sauce

    Chef Ajay Chopra gives the traditional murtabak recipe a vegetarian makeover. Murtabak originated in Yemen and Saudi Arabia and traveled all across the globe to embrace variations in its preparation. It is essentially a pancake ...

  • Soya Bean Aur Bathuey Ka Saag with Poori

    Soya bean keema and sauteed bathuva come together with spices and yogurt for a delectable saag.

  • Lamb Satay Burger

    Succulent lamb burgers with the crunchiness of cashew nuts and the creaminess of peanut butter. Smothered with satay sauce containing sweet chilli sauce, penaut butter and coconut cream.

  • Meaty Cabbage Rolls

    Cabbage filled with lamb mixture and cooked in stock.