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    • The Return of Childish Things: Cafes That Specialise in Toast and Cereal Milk

      In Australia's big cities you can buy a bowl of milk that once had cereal in it or eat at a cafe that specialises in toast. Ultimate comfort food or a world gone mad?

    • Why I Can't Live Without Fish Sauce: Author Kim Thy on the Tastes of Vietnam

      Kim Thuy's second novel, Man, is an immigrant story with food at the heart of it. She discusses food and writing with Guardian Australia.

    • Vegemite Chocolate Taste Test: is Cadbury's New Block Awesome or Evil?

      Too salty, too sweet or flat-out just too Vegemite-y? Guardian Australia samples a block of chocolate laced with yeast extract.

    • Bread, Coffee and Wine are The Toast Of The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

      How could you go wrong with that combination? Here are some other highlights of the Melbourne food and wine festival.

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