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    • A Diet Rich in Fruits and Vegetables Outweighs The Risks of Pesticides

      When you shop for groceries, do you carry a copy of the Environmental Working Group's "Dirty Dozen," list with you? It's a list of the 12 vegetables and fruits with the most pesticides, and some people only buy organic versions of the items on the ...

    • Believe it or Not, Your Kids Can Teach You Something About Good Eating Habits

      When adults take the time to watch their little ones more closely, they are pleasantly surprised with what they learn. Here are four things children do that just may change your eating habits - for the better.

    • 'Healthy' Sweeteners, Protein-Powerhouse Quinoa and Other Nutrition Myths, Debunked

      Is agave really better than white sugar? Will cleansing help my body detoxify? We all hunger for nutrition advice, but not all the advice you hear is worth believing.

    • Coming Soon to a Doctor's Office Near You: Prescriptions for Vegetables

      Despite the wealth of research linking nutritious diets to disease prevention, the importance of food receives little attention in most physicians' practices. But a shift is slowly happening, doctors say. More are recognizing the link between food and health and are advancing their nutrition knowledge ...

    • Can't do Vegetarian? Try Flexitarian, Which Also has Health Benefits

      From black bean burgers on restaurant menus to eight varieties of hummus at the supermarket, the meatless movement shows no signs of slowing down.

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