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  • Vegetable Frankfurter

    About Vegetable Frankfurter Recipe: A vegetable sausage like snack, perfect for tea-time during the monsoons! Vegetable Frankfurter is made from mashed potato along with other chopped veggies mixed with spices and rolled in cheese ...

  • Bedmi Puri With Raseele Aloo

    The quintessential Indian lunch, breakfast or brunch, Bedmi Aloo never cease to satiate a foodie's soul. The spicy aloo curry along with Bedmi puri is exactly what you need to complete that delicious spread of ...

  • hot yellow curry with vegetables hindi

    इंडस्ट्रियल इंजीनियर वरुण तुली एक फूड रेस्तरां के मालिक बन गए। उन्होंने सब्जियों के जिंगी फ्लेवर, मसाले, हर्ब और फ्रेश हल्दी के साथ करी को इंडियन टच दिया है।

  • Tiranga Pulao

    Pulao being one of the most favourite dish across India, is a must on a sunday lunch menu. This Republic day special recipe by Chef Jitender from Lord of the Drinks Barrel House is the ...

  • Veg Fried Rice

    Fried rice is an easy to make chinese style meal. There are many varieties for it such as egg fried rice, chicken fried rice and like this one here is Vegetable Fried rice.

  • Lauki Kofta

    Bottle gourd or Lauki is generally a boring vegetable to many people, especially kids. But one way to add this healthy vegetable in diet is to make yummy deep- fried koftas out of it. The ...

  • Mustard-Parmesan Whole Roasted Cauliflower

    This delicious Gobi with a Christmas Twist is liked even by meat eaters. It is a side dish grabbing more attention than the main dish served on dining table. It is roasted like you roast ...

  • Hassel back Sweet Potatoes

    Come winters and the sweet potatoes or locally called Shakarkand is available at every corner of the streets and local markets. Come Christmas and New Year, try a traditional Sweet Potato dish for sharing the ...

  • Spicy Gatte Ki Sabzi

    This authentic dish from Rajasthani cuisine is very delicious to eat and can be cooked at home. Gatte are basically cooked gram flour dumplings which are added to the spicy curd gravy. It can be ...

  • Allahabadi Tehri

    Popular in Allahabad, this tehri is very easy to cook. A healthy bowl full of vegetables is a perfect way to up the nutrient game for kids.

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