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    • Olive Oil For Baking? Go Ahead, You Won't Taste It

      It's fine for your spaghetti with clam sauce, your ratatouille, your paella valenciana. But pastries? Cakes? Cookies? Don't they fall apart? Don't they taste peculiarly of olive oil?

    • When Buying Olive Oil, Knowledge is Power

      It's an old story -- you've heard it before, and not just from me -- but it's coming around again. Predictably, just as U.S. specialty markets begin to trumpet the arrival of fresh new-harvest, extra virgin olive oil comes the warning that it ain't what ...

    • Lentils in the New Year Keep Resolutions on Track

      The end-of-the-year celebrations in Italy last from Christmas Eve all the way to Epiphany on Jan. 6, when La Befana, the good witch, brings toys to virtuous children and lumps of coal to naughty ones.

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