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    • The Christmas Turkey: Is it Ever Worth the Bother?

      No matter how you cook it - and I have one recipe that needs 32 items in the stuffing alone - a Christmas turkey will never be more than just fine.In his brilliant book of essays, The Man Who Ate Everything, the food writer Jeffrey ...

    • Nigella, Jamie Oliver & Other Top Chefs Share Their Best Meals Ever!

      Contributors including Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver share the best thing they ate this year, from shiso-leaf noodles to live langoustine.Banana peel ice-creamMassimo BotturaChef patron, Osteria Francescana, Modena, ItalyThe other day I saw one of our...

    • The Battle Against Obesity is About to Get More Complicated | Letters

      European court of justice may rule that obesity is a disabilityYour front-page story "NHS chief urges hospital staff to join gyms in anti-obesity fight" (News) highlights how important an issue obesity is becoming for employers but a case currently before...

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