5 Fantastic Royal Jelly Benefits: A Magical Ingredient Created by Bees

Adharika kapoor  |  Updated: April 20, 2017 15:33 IST

5 Fantastic Royal Jelly Benefits: A Magical Ingredient Created by Bees
  • Royal jelly is a nutritious compound created by worker bees
  • It is a sticky and milky secretion in its natural form
  • It boosts immunity and is good for all your stomach problems
While the name may sound very familiar and exotic, what is royal jelly? Royal jelly is a honey bee secretion that is given to queen bees and their larvae as nutrition but it has immense health benefits for human health too. It has been named so because of its outstanding qualities. It is a nutritious jelly - one that is produced by worker bees. Be it high blood pressure, digestive issues, inflammation or fatty liver, the solution lies in royal jelly.

This natural compound which is secreted from the glands in the hypopharynx of worker bees contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals like calcium and phosphorous, potassium and iron. You will mostly find it as granules or in powdered form in the markets and it can be added to salad, smoothies, cereal or just sprinkled on a bowl of yogurt. 

According to Ayurveda expert. Dr. B.N Sinha, "Royal jelly is a multi-talented nutrient. It is best to consume it in its natural form. It is a  sticky, milky secretion and works wonders for promoting overall health and vitality." Here are five fantastic benefits of royal jelly - a magical ingredient that bees produce other than honey. 
1. Boosts immunityConsuming just a teaspoon of royal jelly every morning with your breakfast can really help in the long run. It strengthens your body from within and boosts your immunity and fighting off diseases becomes easier as the body becomes less vulnerable to harmful bacteria. It nourishes the body with all valuable nutrients that the body might be lacking.

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It makes you stronger from within

2. Stomach problems

According to Dr. Sinha, royal jelly is more nutritious than honey. It acts like a probiotic that helps get rid of all kinds of stomach issues like gas, indigestion or constipation.

It acts like a probiotic 

3. Slows the ageing process

Applying royal jelly locally on the skin makes the skin very radiant. It gives a natural glow to the skin and prevents pre-mature ageing signs like wrinkles or dark spots as it contains vitamin C.
antiageing 620
Royal jelly prevents pre-mature ageing as it contains vitamin C
4. Cures insomnia

Royal jelly is a great cure for sleeping disorders. Since it possesses abundant minerals and vitamins, effects your sleep cycle positively and regulates the functions of the brain.  
insomnia 620
Royal jelly is the perfect cure to sleeping disorders

5. Increases your metabolism

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Regular intake of royal jelly helps to increase your metabolic rate and thus, prevents the accumulation of unnecessary fats in the body and there by, becoming an agent for weight loss.
It prevents the accumulation of fats in the body

In its natural form royal jelly can be a great healer, but if you decide to try royal jelly supplements you must consult a health expert before you do so. 


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