7 Foods That Don't Spoil and Last for Many Years

Gunjan Bajaj  |  Updated: April 24, 2018 12:36 IST

7 Foods That Don't Spoil and Last for Many Years
  • Ghee can be stored for many years without refrigeration
  • Soy sauce contains salty elements that can prevent bacterial growth
  • Acidic properties of white vinegar preventit from spoiling
We have always looked up to our mothers and grandmothers to find one successful home remedy in order to store our food items safely and preserve them for long. But have you ever wondered that some foods do not actually need that protection and they will last you for years because of certain properties? It is all a play of nature and science. Here is a list of seven food items that you can keep consuming for many years without them getting spoil provided they are stored in the correct way.

1. Soy sauce

It is one of those condiments which may lose its original pungent flavour over it but it does not expire. Soy sauce contains salty elements that can prevent bacterial growth that may spoil it. It is advisable to store it in a cool place.
soya sauce
Soy sauce contains salty elements that can prevent bacterial growth. Photo Credit: Istock

2. Salt and sugar

Salt is nothing but sodium chloride which is a mineral derived from the Earth’s crust. It is often used to preserve other foods like in pickles. It is believed that good quality salt may last up to five years. When it comes to sugar, its life can be considerably prolonged by storing it in airtight containers to keep the moisture away.
salt sugar healthSugar can be kept for years if stored in proper conditions. Photo Credit: iStock

3. Distilled white vinegar White vinegar is highly acidic which gives it a long shelf life. In fact, because of the acidic properties vinegar is often used to preserve other foods.
vinegar 625Acidic properties of white vinegar prevent it from spoiling. Photo Credit: iStock

4. Honey

Honey is the only food that actually lasts forever and never spoils. We can thank nature for the whole process of making and procuring honey. It is made using the nectar of the flowers which mixes with the enzymes extracted by the bees. This liquid created is has less moisture and is more acidic keeping the bacteria away naturally.

5. White rice

Although brown rice may get spoil overtime due to high quantity of oil it contains, this is not the case with white rice, wild Arborio and Basmati rice. They can last you for years.
white rice
Unlike brown rice, white rice can last for years. Photo Credit: iStock

 6. Dried beans

Dried beans can be stored for many years without losing their nutrients. However, they may begin to lose their moisture after a year or so and that’s why they need to be soaked for a longer time before being cooked.

7.  Ghee

Homemade ghee can last forever and does not even need refrigeration. Ghee is basically clarified butter made from malai or cream and is used as a popular cooking medium.
desi gheeGhee can be stored for many years without refrigeration. Photo Credit: iStock

These seven foods offer more than their worth. Keep them safe and enjoy them as long as you can.


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