Christmas 2017: 10 Of The Jolliest Christmas Cakes On Instagram

'Tis the season to ogle at beautiful and decadent cakes on Instagram!

NDTV Food  |  Updated: December 23, 2017 09:15 IST

Christmas 2017: 10 Of The Jolliest Christmas Cakes On Instagram
  • Christmas calls for artfully decorated cakes
  • Christmas cakes have various themes from snowmen to stockings
  • We're loving these beautiful Christmas cakes on Instagram
Excitement is in the air! It's that time of the year again, when everyone is preparing to deck the halls and prepare for a festive feast. It's Christmas time and we can hardly contain our excitement about all the parties we'll get to attend and all the food we'll get to eat. We have our extra large pants out and our Santa caps on and we're staring at social media feeds full of decadent cakes and sweet treats.

Here are 10 of the jolliest Christmas cakes on Instagram, that are giving us serious holiday feels:

1. Christmas Log Cake

Christmas log cakes have traditionally been a part of Christmas celebrations all over the world. They look beautiful and are perfect to end a day of merry-making with. This log cake looks so pretty, we can't stop staring at it. Look at all the snow on top, that adds a little more gaeity to the already happy cake!

2. Gingerbread House Cake

Gingrebread house cakes have always been associated with a traditional Christmas feast. This one looks like straight out of the dream of a little kid, who fancies living inside a house made of candy, in the clouds.

3. Rudolph-themed cake


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Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer looks very happy that it's yuletide, as are we! This cute cake is the perfect tribute to the carol we've all grown up listening and singing.

4. Snowman-themed cake


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You might not get to experience a white Christmas, but this snowman cake can certainly make you feel happy to be huddled indoors with your friends and family, celebrating the end of the year.

5. Plum Cake


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Nothing says Christmas like a good, rich, boozy plum cake. This one looks like every single bite of it is loaded with drunken dried fruits and nuts. This one's for all those crooning, 'All I want for Christmas is booze!'

6. Vegan Chocolate cake decorated with holly

This one's for all the health-conscious people out there who can't compromise their diets during the holiday season. This cake looks very indulgent, but it is actually a vegan chocolate cake with cranberry and chia jam and its frosting is made from sweet potato and cocoa.

7. Christmas tree Cake
What's better than a lit-up and decked-up Christmas tree? An edible one of-course. This one looks like it's ready to grace your dining table as the center piece for your Christmas feast.

8. Christmas stocking-themed Cake

Christmas stockings are traditionally hung over the fireplace and are stuffed with presents. These stocking cakes are perfect for your kiddie Christmas party!

9. Gingerbread Man-themed cake

Gingerbread men will run, but you can still have them on your cake. How about an entire family of them, sitting happily atop a decadent cake, along with a dozen other goodies? Seems pretty jolly to us!


10. Santa-themed Cake

What's X'Mas without Father Christmas' face plastered on literally everything? The genial and plump face of Santa Claus has been filling kids with excitement for ages. This one looks like it's ready to go, 'Ho, ho, ho', any moment now.

Christmas cakes are indeed the essence of the feast. Happy holidays anyone!

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