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  • Orange Quinoa Sevaiyan

    The quintessential Indian dessert, Sevaiyan comes with a delicious twist of orange and quinoa. Served with nuts and jaggery nougat.

  • Sevaiya Ki Burfi

    The perfect festive dessert, Sevaiya Ki Buri is a delicious dish of roasted sevaiyan tossed with sugar, milk and khoya. Served with a generous garnishing of nuts and dry fruits.

  • Gulkand Seviyan Kheer

    The Indian dessert that no one can resist, Kheer is a staple to celebrate every happy occasion. Vermicelli cooked with milk, gulkand and sugar to make this thick and delicious Kheer.

  • Atte Ka Halwa

    This Halwa recipe made from whole wheat flour is a delicious, melt in the mouth Indian dessert. An easy recipe to cook, with just about half an hour of time so you can cook this ...

  • Plum Pudding with Sabayon Sauce

    A delicious mix of fruity, nutty and creamy all rolled into one amazing pudding recipe. This Plum Pudding with Sabayon Sauce is just what you need on your dessert plate to satiate your sweet tooth.

  • Vanilla Honey Pannacotta

    The classic Italian dessert that revamps itself with a sweet and delicious lacing of whipped cream, vanilla and honey sauce. Garnished with pista this dish of Vanilla Honey Pannacotta makes for an amazing dinner party ...

  • Banana Phirni Tartlets with Fresh Strawberries

    Milk thickened with rice flour and flavoured with cardamom, saffron and fresh Banana. A delectable and fragrant milk and rice based Indian dessert. An exclusive recipe of dessert inducing happiness in you, one spoon at ...

  • Walnut Halwa

    Ground walnuts along with cucumber seeds are roasted with milk, sugar, cardamom and saffron to get a scrumptious serving of Halwa. Just the perfect Indian dessert post-dinner!

  • Banana Mousse

    A delectable mousse recipe with goodness of Banana mixed with Soya milk while spices like Cinnamon and Cardamom adds the flavour you exactly need to raise the energy levels on a dull day.

  • Valentine Strawberry Mousse

    A great way to shower some love on your Valentine, this delicious strawberry mousse is easy to make and too good to resist!

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