Cooking Tips: How To Make Healthy Vegan Coconut Cream At Home (Recipe Inside)

Cream made from coconut is a great option, especially for those who are on a vegan diet or are lactose intolerant

Neha Grover  |  Updated: July 24, 2019 17:53 IST

Cooking Tips: How To Make Healthy Vegan Coconut Cream At Home (Recipe Inside)

Coconut cream recipe

  • Coconut cream is a great option for vegan diet
  • It is healthier and less fattening than store-bought creams
  • Here is an easy recipe to make coconut cream at home

Any food with cream in it tastes delicious. Cream lends a velvety texture and smooth flavour that makes the dish more palatable. Most of us use store-bought cream, which is slathered with fats, artificial flavouring agents and preservatives. A great way to make healthier creamy foods is to add cream made at home. Cream made from coconut is a great option, especially for those who are on a vegan diet or are lactose intolerant. Coconut cream is delicious and offers a unique, different flavour than that of regular whipped cream. It also brings in a volley of healthfulness from the various nutrients that coconut possesses.

Coconut has always been lauded for its immense health-benefitting properties. Coconut is highly refreshing and contains some important minerals like manganese, copper and iron. It is also a good source of proteins, fibre and good fats, which help in lowering bad cholesterol and increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body.

A single coconut can be used to derive a number of products like dry coconut, coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut butter and coconut cream. Here, we aim to get rid of store-bought cream made from dairy milk and introduce homemade vegan coconut cream in our regular diet.


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You need coconut and coconut milk to make cream

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Homemade Coconut Cream Recipe


1 shelled coconut
Half cup coconut milk


Step 1 - Cut open the coconut and pour out the water into a glass.

Step 2 - Scrape off the sides of the coconut to get dry coconut.

Step 3 - Scoop out the coconut meat at the bottom of the coconut shell.

Step 4 - Grate the dry coconut coarsely. Place it in a cooking vessel and pour coconut milk and coconut water on it. Also add the coconut meat.

Step 5 - Bring it to boil while stirring regularly.

Step 6 - Turn off the gas and cover the vessel. Let the mixture cool down.

Step 7 - Place cheesecloth or a sieve on a high-walled bowl and sift the mixture through it. Squeeze out the coconut cream from the remaining flesh and refrigerate the bowl of cream for a few hours.

Step 8 - The mixture will harden and turn into a thick, smooth cream.

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Remember, the cream should be stored in refrigerator, which can last for one week. Use coconut cream to make sandwiches, curries, or even your favourite dal makhani. You can also add sugar or vanilla essence to it to make ice-creams. Wait, there's more - add salt and spices to use it as a bread spread or a dip for chips. With so many ways this coconut cream can be used, it is definitely a must-try. Isn't it?


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