Diabetes: This Diabetes-Friendly, Sugar-Free Ice-Cream Is Nutritious And Super Yummy  

Neha Grover  |  Updated: May 23, 2019 12:22 IST

Diabetes: This Diabetes-Friendly, Sugar-Free Ice-Cream Is Nutritious And Super Yummy  

Diabetes Diet: Sugar-Free Ice-Cream

  • Diabetics are often asked to limit the consumption of sweet foods
  • Here is a recipe of a delicious sugar-free ice-cream
  • It also contains nutritive foods like strawberry, banana and nuts

Come summers and we itch for scoops of cool ice-creams. The melt-in-your-mouth sweet treat oozes a fount of flavours along with cooling off the body and mind. Ice-creams become a summer diet staple to help us brave the searing climate. We can't do without our daily dose of this icy and creamy delicacy. But, think about the plight of those who are restricted to have it! Diabetics are often asked to limit or stop the consumption of all sugary and sweetened products. Diabetes is a condition when the body doesn't generate sufficient amount of insulin or loses its ability to respond to the insulin being produced. This leads to an unusual spike in the blood sugar level that causes the overall health to deteriorate.

While following a low-sugar diet, sweet dishes like ice-cream is a big no-no for diabetics. It is unfair that they have to miss out on the bliss of licking and gobbling the flavourful treat, which not only heightens the senses but also makes us forget about the torrid weather, even if for some time. So, we dug out an amazing recipe of a delicious ice-cream, which is made of nutritious foods and wait for it - is sugar-free!


Strawberry-Banana Yogurt Ice-Cream Recipe -

Ingredients -

6 plastic glasses
6 strawberries
10 bananas
1 tablespoons mixed seeds (pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds are excellent for lowering blood sugar level)
1 tablespoon walnuts
5 cups low-fat yogurt
6 teaspoons honey
6 wooden ice-cream sticks

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Strawberry and banana ice-cream

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 Method -

Step 1 - Grind the fruits, seeds and walnuts together in a blender with some water till they break down into small pieces but not completely dissolved.

Step 2 - Fill up each glass half-way with yogurt, 1 teaspoon honey, and top up the glass with the fruits and seeds mixture.

Step 3 - Mix it all together thoroughly and cover the glass with a thick foil paper.

Step 4 - Insert the ice-cream stick by tearing through the foil paper and stick it inside the ice-cream mixture.

Step 5 - Put the glasses in the freezer and wait till they freeze.

Tip: You can also use store-bought ice-cream containers that come with a lid and a stick.

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For diabetics, following a healthy diet is the key. They are supposed to avoid refined flours, processed foods, sugar and have more fibre-rich, nutritious foods. This recipe of Strawberry-Banana Ice-Cream, teeming with nutritive fruits, seeds and nuts makes for a healthy meal. A dash of honey and no extra sugar adds to the natural sweetness of bananas and whets the sugar craving of the diabetics. 


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