Feeling Dehydrated? Beat The Heat With This 3-Ingredient Rose Lassi

Deeksha Sarin  |  Updated: April 04, 2019 15:29 IST

Feeling Dehydrated? Beat The Heat With This 3-Ingredient Rose Lassi

Summer season is here upon us and we all are finding ways to keep ourselves fully hydrated. Cooling and refreshing drinks like lemonade, cucumber water and coconut water are full of antioxidants and minerals that help in providing our body with the lost nutrients. While all of these drinks can help you to a great extent in keeping cool, there is one super-nutritious, tasty yet hydrating beverage that is perfect to beat the summer heat. We're talking about rose lassi. If you live in a Punjabi household, then you must have spent your childhood drinking lassi. Lassi is brimming with various health-benefiting properties. Made using curd as its base ingredient, lassi not only keeps the body hydrated but also helps in facilitating smooth digestion as curd (main ingredient in lassi) contains lactobacilli, healthy bacteria that are known to lubricate the intestines.

According to the book, 'Healing Foods' by DK Publishing House, "Gut health is inseparable from the health of the rest of the body. Live cultures in yogurt can improve the microflora of the gut, which in turn helps ease symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and lowers the incidence of ulcers." What actually makes lassi an excellent drink to combat dehydration is the presence of curd and water in it. Water replenishes the body with the lost minerals and curd has the ability to fight against body heat. Just to make this healthy drink more palatable, you may also add a bit of rose syrup to it.

Here's How You Can Make Refreshing And Healthy Rose Lassi Using Just 3 Ingredients:

Serving - 2

Two cups curd
Half to one cup water (depending on the consistency you like) or five Ice Cubes
Three tbsp rose syrup or sharbat
Few mint leaves (for garnishing) (optional)


To begin with, take a wide bowl and add curd to it. Mix together all the lumps using a spoon and then add either water or ice cubes.
Now, with the help of a hand blender, blend the two ingredients in the bowl. Add in rose syrup to the mix.
Blend it again till a creamy consistency is attained. Once this is done, pour the lassi in a tall glass and enjoy the delicious drink.

Note: You may also garnish the lassi using fresh mint leaves.

So, the next time you feel thirsty or dehydrated, you know what to prepare! Go ahead and savour this summer special delight!

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