Fridays Increase Your Need To Eat

   |  Updated: May 27, 2014 18:27 IST

Fridays Increase Your Need To Eat
We've all fallen victim to food cravings at some point. That greasy slice of pizza, those golden fried french fries, the decadent chocolate cake and what not from the list of high calorie foods. While food cravings are not gender specific, women tend to experience them more often and on a higher intensity. They could especially be difficult to deal with for those trying to lose weight.

Have you ever noticed that women around you tend to be more attentive to their food cravings on a Friday evening? Yes, that's what a new research has revealed. According to the study, women struggle more to overcome these their food cravings at 8PM on a Friday.

"No matter how much pressure we put on ourselves to eat healthy during the week, good intentions often fly out of the window on the weekend," said US-based dietitian, Helen Bond.

Nearly a quarter (24 percent) of British women cited 'Friday at 8 PM' as the day and time they struggle the most, closely followed by Saturday (21 percent) - making weekends itself a difficult time to manage cravings.

Helen added, "If you've spent five weekdays saving 500 calories a day, but then consume an additional 2,000 calories on Friday or Saturday, you will not lose weight and it may actually contribute to weight gain."

CommentsShe suggests that in order to avoid this women can make a shopping list of healthy foods they like and cook weekend meals of their choice. Exercising with a friend or going to a slimming group on the weekends can help boost morale and keep you away from binge eating.
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