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  • Hot Chocolate

    About Hot Chocolate Recipe: The perfect winter drink, there is absolutely nothing more comforting than curling up in bed as soon as the temperature drops with a cup of fresh hot chocolate topped with dollops ...

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  • Why does One Crave Certain Foods? We Find Out!

    How often do you crave for certain foods like chocolates, junk food or desserts? When hunger strikes, your mind tells your body to eat one of these comfort foods. You may have heard that your ...

  • This Is Why You Crave Sugar Immediately After Your Meal

    Most of us almost out of reflex start hunting for something sweet after every meal. So what could be the reason behind these sugar cravings?

  • How to Beat Sugar Cravings: Smart Tips and Tricks

    Sugar is highly addictive, as your brain demands more of it, making you crave more. There are a few simple tricks which can help you tide over those vulnerable moments. Here's what you need to ...

  • Passive Exposure To Greenery Can Reduce Cravings For Junk Food, Alcohol And Cigarettes: Study

    If the study is to be believed, doing just one simple thing may help you tide over cravings for harmful foods, alcohol and cigarettes- exposing yourself to greenery.

  • Why Do We Crave Alcohol? Here's The Answer

    One of the most common factors that is said to trigger alcohol craving is stress and emotional upheavals. Let's find out more!

  • 7 Easy Tips To Curb Oily and Sugary Food Cravings

    Cravings can kick in anytime of the day, while it is okay to crave once in a while, but doing so on a regular basis may prove detrimental to your health and weight loss plans.

  • 3 ways to control food cravings

    At some point of time, people wish to indulge in sinful food items and if you wish to reduce weight, you must learn to cope with food cravings.Here are some of the psychological ways to ...

  • Why do I crave certain foods?

    Researchers believe that liking food and craving it are different things - meaning our brains are more sophisticated than previously thought when it comes to making us eat certain thingsDo you ever get that thing ...

  • Why Do We Crave High-Calorie Food?

    A new study conducted by the University of Waterloo explains the link between a certain part of brain and craving high-calorie food. According to the researchers, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is an area in brain that ...

  • Why We Crave Alcohol

    Ever found yourself craving a chilled mug of beer? A recent study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry sheds some light on how a certain hormone - called ghrelin - can stimulate alcohol cravings.Ghrelin is ...