Happy Birthday Lara Dutta: Fitness And Diet Secrets Of The Actress You Must Know

   |  Updated: April 16, 2018 14:14 IST

Happy Birthday Lara Dutta: Fitness And Diet Secrets Of The Actress You Must Know
Actress Lara Dutta Bhupati is ringing in her 40th birthday today. Former Miss Universe who was last seen in 'Welcome to New York', is currently seen as a judge on the dance show 'High Fever' with ace choreographer Ahmad khan. She has been part of some of the biggest blockbusters like Singh in Kinng and Housefull. Lara, who is enjoying her TV stint, is currently reading many scripts and her fans may see her on screen too. Unarguably one of the fittest actresses in town, Lara is definitely proving that age is just a number. Her dedication towards her diet and fitness is a source of envy and inspiration to all her peers. Here are some secrets you may want to know. 

Lara Dutta is an early riser. She tries to hit the gym as often as she can. In an interview to famous fashion magazine, she revealed that she followed three-day weight training and a three-day yoga schedule, plus a six-day cardio regime. She works out for one and a half hours a day. Before workout she is most likely to chug in a cup of green tea, and have a whole apple or banana. Her post workout snack would typically comprise egg whites and wholemeal toast or oats pancakes and a green juice. 

Lara Dutta is an avid yoga practitioner, and makes it a point to practice yoga at least thrice a week for one and a half hours. She has been practicing yoga since 15 years. In an interview she said that yoga really helped her lose her pregnancy weight effectively. For Lara, crash diets are a strict no-no and the same goes for starving your way through. Even while she was losing her pregnancy weight, Lara opted for a very healthy and balanced diet. Lara would have her breakfast in two parts, one around 7 am, and the other one around 9.  She would start her day with lemon and water that would trigger her metabolism. Lara is a vegetarian. She has multiple meals across the day, and keeps her body hydrated by sipping into nutritional beverages like green tea, coconut water, smoothies and protein shakes. Lara shares her love for healthy and clean eating on social media too. We did some stalking and came up with some healthful posts that would make you want to ditch your fatty fries and steak. 

That's her choosing to start the year with healthy maple syrup over calorie-laden sugar. "2017 is looking good with Maple Syrup on my table for breakfast. Eat healthy y'all ! #puremaplesyrup #canada#healthyalternativetosugar#healthcomesfirst ", she captioned the image.

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Lara's 100% vegan chia seed pudding is vegan foodie's dream come true.

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That's her having a lovely and leafy salad for lunch 

And that's mommy enjoying a glass of fresh fruit juice with her daughter at sunset
Here's wishing Lara Dutta Bhupati a very happy birthday, may you continue to inspire!

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