Here Are 4 Different Types Of Vinegar That Are A Must In Every Household

We all prefer keeping a stash of various kind of vinegar at home. This list will help you select the right one of your pantry.

Somdatta Saha  |  Updated: September 13, 2020 21:07 IST

Here Are 4 Different Types Of Vinegar That Are A Must In Every Household

Vinegar holds a constant place in our kitchen pantry. It plays a major role in cooking, baking and garnishing multiple dishes. Vinegar is basically an acidic liquid produced by the fermentation of ethanol or sugars. Considered to be a perfect substitute for lime juice, it infuses a vibrant tart-flavour in dishes and helps cutting down the fat-content in meals.  If you go through the aisle dedicated to vinegars in a grocery shop, you will find a wide variety of vinegars, often leaving you confused with selecting the right one for your kitchen.

Fret not; we handpicked a few options, which can help you make a wise decision while stocking up your pantry. Read on.

Here're 4 Types Of Vinegar That Have Multiple Uses In Our Daily Life:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Extracted from apple cider, this fruit-flavoured vinegar has gained a major share of fan base due to its countless number of health benefits. It is low in calories, carbs and packed with healthy enzymes and nutrients that boost healthy skin, protects from inflammation and boost overall health. Here's a bottle of apple cider vinegar that is raw, unpasteurised and ideal for preparing detox juices.

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2. Red Wine Vinegar

Dolce Vita Red Wine Vinegar

This variety of vinegar is made by fermenting red wine, then straining and preserving it. It is ideal for dressing salads and adding a rich flavour to meat-based dishes. We found this option by Dolce Vita that can be ideal to stock in your pantry.

Versatile Usage
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3. Non-Fruit Vinegar

Homemade Non Fruit Vinegar

Another variety of vinegar, synthetic or non-fruit vinegar is the most commonly used ingredient to marinade chicken and curdle milk. Alongside, it is also used for various cleaning purposes around the house. Keeping this in mind, we found an option of homemade white vinegar for you. Let's take a look!

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4. Chilli Vinegar

Ching's Secret Vinegar - Chilli

If you are a fan of Chinese cuisine, then this bottle of chilli vinegar is a must in your collection. It gives a spicy flavour to the tarty white vinegar that makes it ideal to add to soup, noodles and more.

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