How to Make Ghee at Home: Easy Tips and Tricks

Mannat Arneja  |  Updated: May 22, 2017 13:10 IST

How to Make Ghee at Home: Easy Tips and Tricks
Ghee or clarified butter is one product that generates the most amount of familiarity as it is one of those essential elements that every Indian household possesses. It caters to a variety of usages on a daily basis. Personally, my encounters with ghee takes me back to the times i have spent with my grandmother, who never failed to incorporate ghee in almost everything i ate at her place.She never believed in buying processed ghee from the supermarkets, instead she used to enjoy the whole procedure of converting malai(white cream residue from milk) into desi ghee. My Grandmother used to explain numerous advantages of consuming ghee and also how to use it for different purposes, which i could never really understand back then but now it turns out that she was completely right. Let's dig in deep to see how!

Pop The Bubble: Does Ghee Cause Obesity?

We have always believed that ghee is fattening and it causes obesity and if you are trying to lose weight or trying to eat healthy then you need to remove ghee from your diet. Contrary to the belief, it is actually proven that ghee is an essential fat that is needed by our body. However, the consumption should only happen in moderation as excess of anything is harmful. Eating two to three spoons of ghee a day can give you energy and pump you up with all the essential nutrients. Plus it helps in pushing bad cholesterol away. So if you are planning to go on a diet and are thinking of eliminating ghee from your meals, think again!


All About Ghee and How is it Useful?


Some of the benefits are listed below

1. Improves Digestion and Strengthens Immunity

It contains intestinal bacteria that help in converting fiber (from food) into butyric acid, which generates energy so much so that it can support the intestinal wall. It is rich in nutrients that are quite essential for the body like Vitamins A, D and E.

2. Suitable for People Who Are Lactose Intolerant

Although ghee is a by product of butter (churned out from milk) it is still suitable for people who cannot digest milk. This is because ghee's preparation involves removing all the milk solids which is responsible for causing indigestion.

3. Great Hair Conditioner

A common ingredient for oiling our hair entails the usage of either coconut or olive oil but few know that ghee deeply conditions the hair, which facilitates hair growth making it stronger and shinier. So ditch the coconut oil for a while and try nourishing your hair with ghee.

4. Hydrates and Brightens the Skin

Shelling a lot of money on expensive creams and toners? Ghee is the solution for you. It hydrates your skin, provides all the moisture your skin needs and also works wonders on dry and chapped lips. It brightens your skin and gives it a very natural glow.


How to Make Ghee?

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Ghee is obtained by churning cream or malai (a residue of warm milk) followed by simmering the converted butter (by churning malai) on low heat, which produces milk solids that have to be sieved properly. After removal of the by-product, you get that almost transparent golden liquid, which is nothing but ghee.

If you are looking for a recipe, try Chef Aditya Fatepuria's method, which teaches us just how to make that perfect creamy consistency of ghee. Click here.




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