Miss World Manushi Chhillar's Indonesian Mix-Mix Salad Looks Both Nutritious And Delicious!

Manushi Chhillar was in Indonesia for the Miss Indonesia 2018 event. The beauty tasted some local food that looks both nutritious and delicious.

NDTV Food  |  Updated: February 23, 2018 15:25 IST

Miss World Manushi Chhillar's Indonesian Mix-Mix Salad Looks Both Nutritious And Delicious!
  • Manushi Chhillar was in Indonesia this week.
  • Manushi shared the picture of gado gado or 'Mix Mix' salad.
  • Gado gado has a variety of boiled or steamed veggies in peanut sauce.
Miss World Manushi Chhillar has been travelling around the globe for some weeks now and it seems that the beauty is on the Asia leg of her tour right now. After having the time of her life in China, Chhillar visited Indonesia for the Miss Indonesia 2018 event there. While the beauty, who has a large fan following on Instagram, made quite an appearance on the red carpet, there was something on her Instagram stories that caught our attention. As is well known, Chhillar is quite the foodie and loves to explore varied cuisines. She also frequently shares her experiences with her followers through her social media pages.

Chhillar shared snapshots from her dinner in Indonesia on her Instagram stories, with special mention for the gado gado- an Indonesian salad made from slightly boiled, blanched or steamed vegetables, as well as hard-boiled eggs and fried tofu. Manushi also posted pictures of some delicious-looking desserts, with the caption, "When everyday here is a cheat day". Have a look! (Also Read: Manushi Chhillar Tries Out The Trendy Bubble Tea- Have You Tasted It Yet?)

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Gado gado has another soy product called tempeh that originates from Indonesia, and another typical feature of the salad is the lontong- compressed rice wrapped in banana leaf. The salad is dressed in a spicy peanut sauce. The name gado gado literally means "mix-mix" in Indonesian. A variation of the same salad is also popular in western Java, including Jakarta and Banten.


The vegetables typically used in gado gado salad include potatoes, spinach, long beans, bean sprouts, butter gourd, corn, cabbage etc. The toppings of the salad usually include deep fried Indonesian crackers krupuk and sometimes even fried shallots. However, the star of this dish is the spicy peanut sauce that is made from fried peanuts, coconut or palm sugar, chilies, lime juice and tamarind juice. Terasi or dried shrimp paste is also added to the sauce, as are salt to taste and a little water to dilute the sauce. Whew! We've lost count of the number of ingredients that go into making this salad. Remember to taste it the next time you travel to Indonesia!

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