Summer Health Tips: Add This Herb To Your Drinking Water To Stay Cool Naturally

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Summer Health Tips: Add This Herb To Your Drinking Water To Stay Cool Naturally

Summer healthcare tips: Adding mint to your drinking water can benefit you

  • Mint or pudina is a herb that you can benefit from during summers
  • Mint leaves can be added to drinking water to stay cool naturally
  • Mint infused water may prevent summer headaches and acne

Summertime is here and for those of us facing the double evils of summer heat and pollution together, taking certain precautions becomes a necessity. As temperatures are sent soaring across the Indian subcontinent on account of summers, people opt for more indoor activities and to enjoy with chilled drinks by the pool. While stepping out, it is essential to make sure you're fully equipped to protect yourselves from the blistering heat and the balmy winds. Apart from sunglasses, a hat and/or a scarf to cover your face and your sunscreen, a water bottle is also a summer-essential to ensure that one is hydrated all the time. People choose to carry bottles of infused water with a number of hydrating fruit and vegetable slices added to it.

Fruits like watermelon, summer berries and lemon slices can be used to make summer infused waters. These infused waters are spruced up with the nutrients of seasonal foods, ensuring that the body is not left wanting for essential minerals and vitamins. There are some herbs and spices that may also be added to these infused waters and mint is one of them. Adding just a few leaves of mint (pudina) to your water bottle can help add a bit of flavour to your drinking water, while also enhancing its cooling abilities.

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Benefits Of Mint (Pudina): Why You Should Add It To Drinking Water During Summers

Although plain water is in itself enough for keeping your body hydrated, infused waters are a great way of increasing the detoxing capabilities of the life-giving liquid. But if you don't like the taste of fruit or vegetable-infused waters, then you can add a few mint leaves to your bottle of water. Mint has a strong refreshing flavour, but doesn't lend any distinctive taste to your drinking water.

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Here Are Some Benefits Of Mint That May Convince You To Add This To Your Drinking Water This Summer:

1. Keeps Skin Fresh

Mint has anti-inflammatory properties and can help keep your skin fresh and healthy during summers.

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2. Fights Summer Pimples

During summers, a lot of people face the problem of excessive oil accumulation and pimples. Mint helps keep acne breakouts at bay, due to its anti-bacterial properties.

3. Keeps Digestive Woes At Bay

Summers are time when a lot of people complain of excessive stomach acid. The presence of the compound menthol in mint makes it soothing for the digestive system and keeps your stomach healthy.

4. Fights Summer Headaches

If you are prone to headaches, they might get exacerbated during summers, due to dehydration and the dry, hot weather. Mint may help alleviate headaches, due to its strong, refreshing aroma and flavour.

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5. Fights Sluggishness During Summers

During summers, often people feel sluggish and sleepy easily, due to the heat. Mint has been known to keep the brain alert and improve memory retention and can help keep this sluggishness and lethargy at bay.

All you need to do to make mint water is to take a few fresh mint leaves (stems removed) and rinse them with clean water, before adding them to your bottle of drinking water. Let the leaves soak in the water to allow the nutrients to seep into it. You might refrigerate the water for a couple of hours, before filtering it out and then using it or transfer your water and mint leaves in an infuser water bottle. The latter may be more effective in allowing you to reap the benefits of mint during summers. If you suffer from any allergies or any chronic conditions, you may consult your physician before adding mint leaves to your drinking water.


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