Unlock: 10 Of The Best Home Delivery Options In Bengaluru

From fail-proof pizzas to gourmet Japanese delicacies, we've rounded up Bengaluru's best takeaway and home delivery options.

Ashwin Rajagopalan  |  Updated: September 26, 2020 23:48 IST

Unlock: 10 Of The Best Home Delivery Options In Bengaluru

Bengaluru's hotels and restaurants have shifted to unlock mode giving you the option to head back to your favourite restaurants for a meal. But if you'd rather sample the same comfort food or exotic cuisine from the comfort of your home, you will be spoilt for choice. From fail-proof pizzas to gourmet Japanese delicacies, we've rounded up the city's best takeaway and home delivery options.

Here Are 10 Of The Best Home Delivery Options In Bengaluru:

1. Brik Oven

It was never easy to find a table at Brik Oven on Church Street, almost any time of day. This is arguably the city's finest pizzeria; it's where Bengaluru probably discovered the original Neapolitan Pizza. Their thin-crust pizzas are all you need for an IPL game with one of their sinful shakes like their popular Nutella Mini Freak shake. Their Margherita pizza is terrific and so is the fiery Diavola where birds eye chilli and jalapeno combine with classic pepperoni.

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2. Caraway Kitchen, Conrad Bengaluru

If you miss those meals between meals or giving in to those impulsive food cravings at all-day diners, you don't have to drive. Caraway Kitchen at Conrad brings you a selection of all-day favourites. Choose from healthy salads - their Caesar Salad with grilled asparagus is a popular option and juicy burgers like the grilled chicken burger with the thyme-marinated chicken breast. There's also a host of local signatures like the scrumptious Kundapur Ghee roast cooked with Bydagi chillies.


3. Third Wave Coffee Roasters

If you're one of those coffee snobs who enjoys waking up and smelling the coffee at your favourite café, you can now do that while you're on WFH mode. Third Wave is a popular choice among Bengaluru's coffee aficionados. They offer a choice of hot and cold coffees from across multiple outlets. You can also fix those hunger pangs along with your coffee fix - the Thai iced latte and the classic cream bagel is a perfect match.


4. DIY Kits From ITC Hotels

Ready to play Master Chef? All you need is five minutes. ITC's new 'Gourmet in You' DIY (Do it Yourself) boxes have been crafted by their master Chefs and include all ingredients. Just wear your apron and follow the 5 simple instructions in the box. The menu includes International favourites like an Italian-style Ruby Risotto or the fiery Sichuan braised chicken tossed with spring onions and peppers.


5. Truffles

One of the city's most popular campus hangouts and a magnet for those seeking uncomplicated, comfort food. While Truffles has kept making additions to its menu, it's the time-tested burgers - the Truffle rooster and crispy chicken are both spot-on - that are their biggest draw. The burgers come in different sizes to suit your mood.


6. Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Getaway

It's not just dining, even travel in the short term will be different. If you're one of the many Bengaluru residents who've been doing day trips or short weekend trips to get away from your routine, the Family Day Out Brunch Basket from Sheraton Grand is a handy option. This basket includes the hotel's signature specials packed in a convenient basket (for four). There's also an Immunity brunch basket that includes energising drinks that you can tuck away in your boot on your next long drive.


7. Cantan

Serves authentic Cantonese cuisine. You can choose to exercise the delivery option and order one of their hearty soups or dainty dim sums (We'd recommend the shrimp and Water Chestnut Dim Sum or the Carrot, Wild Mushroom and Truffle Oil Dim Sum). You can also chose to recreate some of the restaurant's popular dishes or even cocktails with their range of condiments. The house-made salted plum shrub is all you need to stir up the Cantan XO cocktail; the fermented black bean sauce is a great addition to spice up your stir-fried veggies.


8. Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel

If you miss those lazy Sunday brunches, you could recreate the same in your dining room or your apartment block. Renaissance has taken its popular brunch favourites and street food in live counters to residential complexes on the city. You can also order one of their brunch boxes (serves two).


9. Uncle Peter's Pancakes

Do you like a sugar rush for breakfast? There's nothing like a decadent pancake to lift your mood on a busy day in the home office. From Nutella filled pancakes to red velvet, this delivery platform ticks all your dessert fantasy boxes. The pancakes and toppings are packaged separately. Of course, you can dig up more toppings from your refrigerator to add to their popular toppings like chocolate buttons.

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10. Sushi Men

We've all upped our cooking game during the initial wave of lockdowns but Japanese Sushi might need more than a couple of lockdowns to perfect. Sushi Men offers a solution for those sushi or even sashimi cravings. This delivery platform also offers a range of Bento Box meals - not all working lunches have to be the same, and quite a few vegetarian options too.


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