Unlock 5: Get These 8 Exotic Food From Around The World Home-Delivered In Chennai

We round up some of Chennai's finest international options that you can sample from the comfort and safety of your dining table.

Ashwin Rajagopalan  |  Updated: October 05, 2020 14:45 IST

Unlock 5: Get These 8 Exotic Food From Around The World Home-Delivered In Chennai

Craving exotic food, there is no dearth of options out there

  • We all have our ideas of the perfect food adventure
  • The pandemic has quashed our travel plans
  • One can however enjoy world-class treats at home

A food trail in Tuscany or a street food marathon in Hanoi? We all have our ideas of the perfect food adventure. Some of those escapades might have to wait until travel restrictions begin to ease. If you can't go to your favourite global food hotspots why not have those exotic treats delivered to your doorstep! From fiery Bangkok-style food bowls to a decadent Tiramisu, we round up some of Chennai's finest international options that you can sample from the comfort and safety of your dining table.

New York-style cheesecake and authentic pork ribs at Adam's Cornucopia

Not very long ago, Cornucopia (on Cenotaph road) was a hub for Chennai's evolved foodies. You can revisit some of the restaurant's signature dishes through their cloud offering - Adam's Cornucopia. On top of that list is the New York-style cheesecake and mains like the meat Stroganoff, the pork ribs and the sourdough focaccia. The other showstopper is the tender coconut mousse that is served in a coconut shell.

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Thai-style street-food bowls at Bangkok Bae


It might be a while before you can navigate through the Bangkok hustle and indulge in street food in the Thai capital. Your best bet now might be to order one of the hearty bowls from Bangkok Bae, a cloud dining venture from the same team that runs Soy Soi, one of Chennai's popular Asian dining destinations The menu rounds up everything from Phad Thai bowls, to Thai green curry bowls to a fiery Tom Yum Ramen bowl.

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Aussie-style Lammos from Seasonal Taste at The Westin Chennai Velachery

The Aussies love their short forms; it's why one of the country's most popular sweet treats - the lamington, is widely known as a lammo. The classic lamington is a sponge cake coated in a layer of chocolate sauce and rolled in desiccated coconut. The Westin version is quite spot on and is crafted with peanut butter and chocolate. You could also check out one of their Asian plates like the Nasi Goreng.

Soba noodles and black rice edamame at Intox Kitchen

The COVID-induced cloud dining wave has seen a host of F&B establishments rejigging their offering. Intox Kitchen, that began in 2016 was focused on homemade ice-creams. That's changed in 2020 with a host of gourmet meals that find the balance between wellness and exotic flavours. Some of their popular dishes include the baked pesto vegetables, the Soba noodles and the black rice edamame that combines two of my favourite ingredients.

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DIY Mexican meal by Tossed by KooX

Fancy fixing your own Mexican meal? Tossed by Koox at Novotel Chennai, Chamiers Road offers a very clever DIY 4-course, Mexican meal. You get all the ingredients you need to assemble delicious Nachos, Quesadillas and Fajitas. You can wrap up your meal with sinful chocolate Churros.


Photo Credit: Ashwin Rajagopalan

Make your own Italian-style pizza with Park Hyatt's Cook at home meal option

The Flying Elephant at Park Hyatt is among Chennai's favourite nightspots. This restaurant now offers the option of fixing your own pizza at home with a full kit that includes half-baked pizza bases, toppings and cheese with a recipe card. If that's too much work for you, order one of their other international favourites like the Singapore Fried rice or the tried and tested Spaghetti Bolognese.

Japanese-style Ebi Tempura uramaki from Pan Asian, ITC Grand Chola

Pan Asia's exhaustive menu includes signature dishes from culinary regions as diverse as Japan, China and Thailand. You can order some of these dishes via ITC's customised delivery App - Gourmet Couch. The Chinese selections include scrumptious small plates like the stir-fried water chestnut with the black pepper crumble and chicken with vodka braised chilli. There's also room for Japanese signatures like the Ebi Tempura Uramaki.

Photo Credit: Ashwin Rajagopalan

Italy's most popular dessert from Tiramisu Party

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It was in Venice that I learnt the meaning of one of Italy's most popular desserts. 'Pick me up' or simply 'cheer me up'. There are few desserts that cheer me up like the Tiramisu that is believed to have originated in the Veneto region (Venice is the capital). Savoiardi (ladyfingers), mascarpone cheese and coffee are the key ingredients in this dessert. Tiramisu Party is a new cloud dining venture that is almost entirely focused on this 'pick me up'.


Photo Credit: Ashwin Rajagopalan


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