Viral: This Genius Fridge Hack Might Help Your Kids Eat Healthier

In a viral post on internet, a mother from New York shared a kid-friendly fridge hack through which she make her kids eat healthy snacks besides fostering independence through the concept of 'self-serve'.

Aanchal Mathur  |  Updated: September 20, 2019 16:48 IST

Viral: This Genius Fridge Hack Might Help Your Kids Eat Healthier

Kid-friendly fridge hack for fostering healthy snacking.

  • Sarah Hornung, a mother shared a brilliant kid-friendly fridge-hack
  • Healthy snacks are kept for kids in fridge for them to access themselves
  • The hack has gone viral with over 68,000 shares.

Trust the Internet to surprise you every day and it will not disappoint! With people around the world sharing some extremely creative and useful tips and tricks for simplest of tasks on the Internet, it can easily be known as a treasure trove of ideas. And when it comes to cooking or kitchen storage hacks, you just can't get enough of the whole lot of ideas and hacks that are there to make your life easier in the kitchen and save time along with it. There would always be new chefs, food enthusiasts and mothers trying out new and quirky ways and techniques to feed their kids healthy. One such brilliant yet simple fridge hack by a blogger is now viral around the Internet - organising fridge with accessible "self-serve" snacks for the kids.

Sarah Hornung, a school administrator and former teacher residing in New York, is a mother of two boys. She blogs about creative ideas on parenting and organisation, and often addresses issues related to kids and their eating habits. So when in her recent post she shared a photo of how she has organised 'self-serve' snacks in the fridge for her kids, it was shared over 68,000 times.

The concept of her hack is pretty simple and kid-friendly. Prepare a host of healthy, ready-to-eat snacks in advance that the kids can eat at any time of the day or even night, store them in boxes at the lowest shelve of your fridge so the kids can help themselves with them. It not only promotes healthy eating but also fosters the kid's independence. Sarah believes that there's something about ready-to-eat snacks that the kids can access themselves that makes them feel independent and also prevents the arguments over evening snacks that kids may or may not like.


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Hornung in a report told Insider that while preparing snacks in advance might be a task but this trick has taken off because it make their life easier and also provides fresher, healthier snacking options to the kids instead of pre-packaged bags of crackers and cookies and snacks. While netizens have been applauding the brilliant hack there have been few questions on her post asking if the idea of 'self-serve' would allow kids to overindulge. To this Sarah said that it hasn't been the case with her since the idea that these snacks aren't off-limits for the kids removes the back-and-forth negotiating that toddlers are known for doing once they know something isn't available for them.

The snacks can have anything from chopped fruits to veggies like carrots. She believes that these ready-to-eat homemade snacks aren't just for the kids but have also helped her to start eating healthy. While this hack might have suited her, we aren't sure how this can turn out with every kid. Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.


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