We Tried Out The Trendy Cheese Tea And Here's What We Thought!

Cheese tea is available at the Turkey Project in Delhi and we tried it out. Here's what it tasted like!

Sakshita Khosla  |  Updated: January 02, 2018 18:01 IST

We Tried Out The Trendy Cheese Tea And Here's What We Thought!
  • Cheese tea has been making waves on Instagram.
  • The trend hasn't caught on in India yet.
  • The Turkey Project in Delhi recently introduced cheese tea on the menu.
Cheese tea is a trend that tea lovers all over the globe have been talking about lately. Ever since the drink debuted on social media, it has been a hit, with a vast majority speaking favorably about it. However, the fad hasn't caught on in India so much, with only one restaurant in the whole country selling the trendy beverage. The Turkey Project in Defence Colony, Delhi, introduced the cheese tea on its menu, some time back and the restaurant's patrons have been coming back to have just the drink.

For all those thinking if the combination of cheese and tea sounds gross, you're not alone. Almost all tea lovers are skeptical of putting cheese in their cups of tea. But the drink has actually found favor with quite a lot of people. The trend started from Asian countries like China, Malaysia and Taiwan and traveled to the United States only recently.

Curious about how the drink tasted, we also got our hands on a glass of cheese tea to see the tea lover in us reacted. For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the drink, it's made by putting a dollop of cream cheese on top of a tea base, which is generally a cold brew infused with various flavors. The drink has a layer of light foam made with whipped cream, milk and cream cheese and is salty and sweet.

cheese tea food trend the turkey project

Bubblegum cheese tea at The Turkey Project, Delhi. (Image Credits: Sakshita Khosla)

At The Turkey Project, there are three varieties of cheese teas- strawberry, bubble gum and cherry. We ordered in the bubble gum flavored cheese tea, as it sounded like the most interesting one. To begin with, those ordering the beverage wanting to find the traditional taste of tea or chai in there will be disappointed. The base is a cold brew that has subtle bubble gum flavor infused in it. On top of that layer comes the main attraction of the drink- the cheese layer. In our opinion, it was simply delicious!


When we took that very first sip of the drink, it tasted like a cheese flavored milkshake. Much to our surprise, all the flavors- of the light salty cheese, the sweetened whipped cream, the bubble tea base- came together quite well, to create a drink that tasted like nothing we've had before.

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The Final Word- For the puritanical tea or chai lovers who consider anything less than a traditionally brewed cup as sacrilege, stay away from the drink altogether. For those who love fusion foods and are all about the trends, this one's a winner.

Available at: The Turkey Project, New Delhi


Price: Rs 200

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