You've Been Peeling Mangoes Wrong Your Whole Life

 , NDTV  |  Updated: November 25, 2015 17:38 IST

You've Been Peeling Mangoes Wrong Your Whole Life
Easy food hacks is one of the reasons why I love the Internet and everything holy in it. First, it brought us the scientific technique to cut cakes and now, this!

Peel mangoes the right way and avoid a sticky, gloopy mess by using a glass, or a strong plastic cup. Please be careful though, you don't need paramedics at this mango party.

Another trick people use is sticking a fork at one end and peeling the other end like a banana. If the pit annoys you more than anything else, you can buy a mango splitter that easily takes the pit out.

Now that you're sitting in front of a pretty plate of freshly peeled mangoes, allow us to redirect you to our 10 best mango recipes.

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