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  • Strawberry Mess with Fruit Coulis

    A perfect recipe to cool down on a summer day and soak up some citrus fruits.

  • Easy Fruit Custard

    Mixed fruit custard makes for an amazing summer dessert which not only makes for a healthy dessert but also requires very less cooking with minimal ingredients. This one is a favourite among all age ...

  • Warm Apple & Kinnu Winter Punch

    Winters is the season for Apples and Kinnu (Oranges). To keep yourself cozy in these chilly winters, do make a warm and spicy punch. Best to give a perfect Christmas feel, this punch tastes amazing.

  • fruit cupcakes cake hindi

    कपकेक, जो चीनी, फ्रूट्स, पुदीना पत्ती और व्हीप्ड क्रीम से भरे हैं। क्यों पढ़कर ही मुंह में पानी आ गया न। डिज़र्ट

  • Mother Christmas Cake

    The classic christmas cake with delicious apple pie covered in tarts and cherries. Christmas would be incomplete without relishing on this fruity-sweet cake.

  • Christmas Plum Cake

    Soak in the goodness of rich dry fruits along with the concoction of Brandy, lemon and orange with this delicious Christmas Plum Cake recipe.

  • Tricolor Trifle

    Goodness of fruits, cream and custard all together makes for the delicious taste of this Tricolor trifle. With goodness of fruits and creamy custard, this is liked by people of all ages making it a ...

  • compressed fruit chaat hindi

    शेफ कुणाल कपूर ने आसानी और जल्दी से बनने वाली सूपर हाइड्रेटिंग और फ्रूट फ्लेवर से भरी हुई डिश शेयर की। इसके लिए आपको चाहिए कुछ बेसिक फ्रूट्स, फलों का रस और मुट्ठीभर सामग्री।

  • fresh fruit parfait hindi

    फ्रेश फ्रूट, जूस, दही और नट्स को मिक्स करके इस वीकेंड बनाएं एक स्पेशल स्वीट डिजर्ट। गर्मियों के मौसम में आप इसका मजा ले सकते हैं साथ ही बच्चों को भी इसका स्वाद खूब पसंद ...

  • Dry Fruit Modak

    A quick and easy Ganesh Chaturthi recipe using dry fruits and nuts. Modak is a popular sweet dish of Maharashtra, which is also offered as a prasad in Ganesh Chaturthi puja. These dry fruits modak ...

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