5 Symptoms of a Liver Problem You Must Pay Attention To

Smriti Agrawal  |  Updated: June 24, 2017 15:53 IST

5 Symptoms of a Liver Problem You Must Pay Attention To
  • Liver is one of the most vital organs of the body
  • Alcohol consumption and stress are common factors that affect your liver
  • Symptoms like tiredness, bruising and stomach pain are common
Liver is one of the body’s largest and most vital organs. It performs over 500 functions and holds about thirteen percent of the body's blood supply at any given moment. It is involved in the production of around 13,000 different chemicals and the maintenance of over 2000 internal enzyme systems. It filters blood, makes and breaks down hormones, regulates blood sugar, and changes harmful toxins into substances that can be safely eliminated from the body.

You regular diet and lifestyle plays an important role in helping your liver function well. According to Bangalore-based Nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood, "Bitter foods like dandelion greens, mustard greens, bitter melon, romaine lettuce and broccoli help to cleanse the liver. Herbs like dill, caraway seeds, garlic, onions, turmeric and cayenne can help protect the liver and are easy to use in cooking. Fruit and vegetable juices also keep the liver clean. Some good choices are fresh green apple juice, grapefruit juice, cabbage juice, carrot juice, wheat grass juice ad juices made with dark leafy vegetables."
fatty liver disease
Fatty liver disease Other ways to keep your liver healthy are by taking sufficient sleep, staying stress free, drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily as it aids in the cleansing process and reduce the consumption of bad fats as it causes inflammation in the liver.

Heavy consumption of alcohol is the most common cause of liver damage. Excess amount of alcohol decreases the liver’s efficiency in removing toxins from the body since the liver gets deviated from its other functions and focuses mainly on converting alcohol to a less toxic form which often leads to fatty liver disease and inflammation. Smoking is equally injurious for the liver as it causes oxidative stress which produces free radicals that damage liver cells. 

Liver disease is any kind of disturbance in the liver function that causes illness. It is also referred to as hepatic disease. Here are the most common symptoms of a liver problem that you should pay attention to. 

1. Tiredness

Fatigue is the most frequently experienced symptom in case of a liver disease. It is a common symptom of liver damage though it is associated with various other ailments like diabetes, heart disease and vitamin deficiency too.

2. Nausea

It is a sensation of vomit and could be short lived or prolonged. It occurs due to the lack of proper functions being performed by the liver.

3. Bruising

People with liver infection are more prone to bruising. It is a result of the blood not being able to clot properly. 

4. Stomach pain

Victims of liver infection may experience severe lower abdominal pain. 

5. Loss Of Appetite

With improper liver functioning, your digestive system becomes strained which leads to loss of appetite.

Other than these, there may be various other symptoms like diarrhea, itchy skin, dark urine color, swelling in the legs and ankles and skin and eyes that appear yellowish. The treatment for any liver problem depends on the diagnosis. Some problems can be treated through lifestyle modifications like avoiding alcohol and losing weight while others might need a proper medication. 

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