Can Your Diet Affect Your Body Odour?

Sarika Rana  |  Updated: February 01, 2018 18:52 IST

Can Your Diet Affect Your Body Odour?
  • A lot has been said about the causes of why our bodies smell good or bad
  • you smell like what you eat
  • Spicy foods may contribute to body odour
A lot has been said about the causes of why our bodies smell good or bad. Our body odour is largely determined by genetics, overall health and personal hygiene. While most common body odour is caused by the presence of bacteria on our skin metabolizing the proteins and sugars in our sweat, our diet or the foods we choose to eat may also determine the odour. You heard us! Basically, you smell like what you eat. So even if you maintain personal hygiene, there is a chance you do not smell good; thanks to certain foods that do the job. If this has got you curious, read further!

You may think onions and garlic are to be blamed for obvious reasons; it is because of the volatile sulfurous substances, including allicin, in these kitchen ingredients that cause their odour to stay on for hours after we consume them. Similarly, other foods like cabbage and cauliflower can also affect the body odour due to the presence of sulfur compounds.

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onion peels

You may think onions and garlic are to be blamed for obvious reasons

Spicy foods may also contribute to body odour. It is because they increase our body temperature, which in turn increases the amount of sweat we produce. So, more the sweat, more is the body odour. Moreover, according to a study published in the Journal Chemical Sciences, participants who were given vegetarian diet were perceived to have a more pleasant and less intense body odour as compared to the participants who ate meat.

Some of the alcohol that is consumed is metabolized in the liver and converts into acetic acid and some of it is released through your sweat and the respiratory system. So, in case you binge-drink, not only will your breath stink of alcohol, your body will smell of it too.

alcohol 620

Alcohol can contribute to body odour

According to some studies, eating lots of fruits and vegetables that contain potent carotenoids will positively affect what you smell like. So if you think onions and garlic may cause your body to smell bad, you may be wrong.


So, if you binge-eat or drink anything, you will know through your body odour. Choose wisely!


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