Red Wine Compound Prevents Hearing Loss

 , London  |  Updated: February 02, 2015 15:22 IST

Red Wine Compound Prevents Hearing Loss

Resveratrol, a red wine compound, also seems to prevent hearing loss, besides warding off heart disease, cancer and dementia, says a study.

In a study conducted by the Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, healthy rats administered reseveratrol were less likely to suffer noise-induced hearing loss for a long period of time.

Michael Seidman from Henry Ford, who led the study, says: "Our latest study focuses on resveratrol and its effect on the body's response to injury - something that is believed to be the cause of many health problems including Alzheimer's disease, cancer, ageing and hearing loss."

"Resveratrol is a very powerful chemical that seems to protect against the body's inflammatory process, as it relates to ageing, cognition (brain function) and hearing loss," adds Seidman, the journal Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery reports.

Hearing loss affects half of people over the age of 60, but many begin to suffer problems in their 40s or 50s. It usually sets in with the death of tiny "hair" cells in the inner ear as a result of ageing, according to the Daily Mail.

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Resveratrol lowered noise-induced hearing loss in rats exposed to potentially deafening sounds. "We've shown that by giving animals resveratrol, we can reduce the amount of hearing and cognitive decline," says Seidman.
In January, Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists reported that washing down red meat with a glass of red wine can prevent the build-up of cholesterol in the body.

Comments Drinking a large glass of red wine every day could help prevent bowel cancer as well, Leicester University researchers said recently.

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